dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


6. Niall missing

Louis asked if we had seen Nail but we have not seen him,


the note says: hi reader, something happened between me and Erika so I decided to go away im sorry from Nail x

me and Erika went inside and we talked to Louis, we decided to call Harry and ask him what he said and what time did he talk to Nail.

*on the phone, this is the conversation*

Erika - Hey Harry, you know you talked to Nail last night?

Harry - yeah I did, what about it?

Erika - well what did u say to him because he has gone?

Harry - where are you then I will tell you?

Erika - We are at Nail's place

Harry I will be right over...see you in a bit

Erika k bye

*they hang up*

what did they? asked Charlotte, well I asked him and he said where are you and I said we are at Nail's house, so he said I will be right over and that's it really Erika explained

*30mins later harry turns up*

Hi what's the problem??? asked harry, both Erika and Charlotte looked at each other puzzled "well.....Nail is missing what did you say to him so he would run away??????? asked Erika...well I just said keep away from Erika and she was my girlfriend first and you had to rain it for both of us (Erika and Harry) Harry answered sighing, WHATT!!! shouted Erika and Charlotte, *Louis's phone beeps, it's a text message, this is what it said*

"hey Louis, im safe, I met this girl last night and we have been hanging out all night, she is amazing!!! x"

We know where he is, he is safe explained Charlotte....yeah but text him back and say "im glad your safe but please come home"

Louis texted Nail back, me, Erika, Louis and Harry waited until Nail came but 2 hours had past and Nail had not come back, Louis and me and Erika rang Nail, but it just went to answer phone after a while we just gave up but we ended up staying the night at Niall 's house, it's a good thing he has 3 rooms, Louis suggested " why don't we go back to our own houses and I sure he will turn put and  ring us, im sure" so Erika suggested why don't we go in her range rover and drive to her place, so we did it was a 15mins drive but all the way we just sang 1D songs word by word and after when we got out and closed the car door Louis couldn't stop singing, Erika opened the front door and she opened the door, we sat down on the sofa and hoped that Niall would call because we didn't know where he was and we had not meet this girl yet meanwhile Louis was still singing there song but he couldn't stop himself,






















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