dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


17. mystery girl

It was the day of the date, Harry got up and checked his messages , there were no messages at all form this girl but Harry decided to stay home and get ready for the date he needed to look his best but then he remembered he had a haircut appointment so he got in to his car and drive of to get his hair cut. He had his hair cut and he drove back home it was time to get ready for his date and he was really excited, he put on red hair and black pants. he did his hair and drove off. He waited at the restaurant for hours, 30mins late the girl turns up in a black long dress, she was tall, pretty, brown hair, and lots of make up and she had massage high heels she was taller then Harry. They sat down and talked, Harry learned that she was a model and her name was Olivia, and lots of other stuff. Hours later the date ended so Harry took her home and but he came in to her house. The next day Harry were in her bed and she was to, when they woke up they were shocked they ended up sleeping together, all their clothes were on the floor so Harry but the covers around him and got dress so did her, Harry had his breakfast with her and then they spent the day with each other.  They talked and laughed together, they went to the beach and spent time with each other. They got ice cream and then at 5pm they went to get tea near the beach. Harry had been spending the nights with Olivia and they really liked each other. Harry said to her "hey why don't we move in together" the girl was shocked didn't say a word......a few seconds later she slapped him across the face and ran into her car and drove away really quickly, Harry walked to his car with his head down. He got in it and drove away. He got to his house and we didn't see him for a week so me and Louis went to his house and we knocked on his door, there were no answer so I looked through the window and the living room was a mess food, rappers on the floor and beer cans on the floor to. I went through the gate to the back door and it was open so I called Louis and he came, we went through the back door and we shouted upstairs, we heard Harry say go away but we went up stairs and looked for him. We found him and he was not dressed yet and the curtains were closed so I opened them and Harry grounded and turned of so Louis got his bed covers and he pulled them high so Harry would fallout of bed, when he fell we helped him up, we made him have a shower and get dressed. Harry got dressed and we dragged him outside and took him out for the day, he was sad all day. We made him laugh by Louis making a joke. We all laughed for a while and if anyone if Harry was sad we would make him laugh by saying the joke....

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