dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


19. My wedding

*the morning of my wedding*

I wake up running around the house, Erika arrived at my house knocking at my door at 8am, I ran to the door and opened it she ran in with my wedding dress and behind me there was the hairdresser, we all went upstairs and the hairdresser did my hair and the Erika and then bride maids . My hair took 2hours after she went 5mins later the makeup artist came upstairs were me and the others were  and she did our  makeup...that took awhile. After all that was done Erika and the other bridesmaids put on their dresses on and then Erika kindly helped put mine on. Half an hour later I had my wedding dress on, Erika opened the door and our flowers were on the door step in a pink rectangler box in a row, they had a pink dotty bag with a pink bow tying it all together. Erika picked them up and took them inside. We took our flowers and we saw the white long limo. One of the brides maid opened the door and Erika got my dresses train. we got in the limo and the driver drove off. when we got there we got out of the limo and Erika took my dresses train.had  The music came on and me and the bride maids walked down the aisle. we got married and it was beautiful ceremony and we had the after party at a nice hotel, the JG played our play list it was really good. We had a roast for dinner about 5pm after everyone had eat, I said a speech saying thank  you for coming it really means a lot to me and Louis. We all laughed I also mentioned my new last name how I was really excited about the wedding and about having a new last name, everyone laughed again, then it was time for the parents to say a speech, it went in order my mum and dad then his mum and dad. We decided to cut the cake and pictures of us cutting the cake. It was a vanilla cake with a white paste on it with one cake on top of the bottom and a small cake on top with ordainments on top. We had cut the cake  and the caterers took the cake and cut it to small pieces and put it on a silver circler plate, all the waiters were walking around with the silver plate balanced on one hand. Erika is holding her baby bump and she is 9months but 2days late Erika whispered to me and says I think the baby is coming!!!!. I look at her and then get Louis to get the car keys so me and Louis can drive her to the hospital.......we got to the hospital and we got Erika a room...........................................................................

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