dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


16. looking for love

*continuing from the last chapter*

........Yes!!! I will marry you Louis I said in tears, he got up and he was tearing up, he placed the diamond ring on my finger. we walked back to the car and he opened the car door for me and he closed it behind me, I put my seat belt on ready and Louis got in and put his seatbelt on, he turned the key and he drove of back to our my house, we were talking and Louis said because we are not engaged why don't we buy a house together. I was shocked but I said yeah we are should  starting tomorrow we will look for a house. ok answered Louis. We got home and we drove into the drive way, Louis got out of the car and kindly opened the car door for me I got out and we headed for the door, Louis opened the door and we went in, we were tried so we went to bed......

*Harry is out at a restaurant with a girl*

Im really enjoying myself how about you, the mystery girl answered yes im enjoying myself it is a nice restaurant, they talked for hours ad then when they had there date they  went to Harry's house and talked on the sofa, The girl was talking and in the middle Harry kissed her it was a 5 second kiss but when it had finished she punched Harry in the face and ran way, Harry got up and went to the window to see if he could se the girl but he couldn't, he walked to the computer and he opened it and put the password, he went on the internet and he typed "online dating websites" a lot of results came and he clicked on one, he made an account and searched for girls, he couldn't find the right one then a girl popped up on his screen, the girl was mysterygirl1234 and there was a message so he opened it, the message said "hey look like a nice girl and hope we could meet up." Harry was really excited, he replied "Hey.....I would love to meet up, why don't we meet up tomorrow," and he clicked send.....5seconds later she had replied, he clicked on it and she said "yeah sure, at 7pm, you choose the restaurant" Harry thought for a bit and thought of a place so he replied " up at 7pm at Nandos...see you then x" and he clicked send the girl didn't reply so Harry decided to go to bed. He switched of his laptop and got ready for bed


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