dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


13. breaking the news

*continuing from the last chapter*

...........last night I slept with Niall, I could believe it so I told her she needed to choose between Naill or Harry.....Erika signed and said I love them both I couldn't say no it's harry he is so cute....and Naill he is so funny and cute. I looked at Erika blank I didn't know what to say, later on that day I texted the boys and Nicole and Alex saying hey come over to mine" 30mins later the door bell went and I answered it and everyone where there I invited them in and we all sat on the sofa....I said to Harry Erika needs to talk to you in private and then I said to Naill you to but suppurate......they both looked at each other and Naill stood up and said I will go first and started to walk to the bedroom Erika followed him and closed the door behind her.......40mins later Naill came in and he looked like he had been crying Harry looked at him and walked slowly to the bedroom were Erika were holding the door for him,  they had been a long time. There were a lot of shouting after a bit Erika came in the living room crying and so did Harry...Erika pulled me aside and told me what she said to them to make them cry.......Erika said remember when I told you that I slept with Naill well just this morning I found out I was pregnant with Naill's baby, I didn't know what to say, but the first thing I said was what are you going to do your pregnant. She signed and said I don't know but I think im going to keep it. I asked what did you say to them....Erika explained to me and she said.........."I told Harry about me and Naill and he started to shout at me, and he said the engagement is off." oh I was speechless then she said what she said the Naill...."I said to him, you know me and you slept together well now im pregnant" he started to cry and he kept on saying over ad over again im sorry are you going to keep it....I said to him yes and he said im going to break up with Nicole and we can be a family but we need to get married first before the baby is born" what should I do he said that we should get married" I said to her calm down you love him don't you?????

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