dating 1D xx

It's about this girl called Charlotte, she is 18years old, she goes to a one direction concert but ends up falling in love!!!!...


23. 3 months later

from the last chapter*

Darcy is now 4 years old and she is starting primary school. She is so excited. It's been 3 months and I am three months pregnant and me and Louis are not finding out the gender of the baby until it's born. Darcy is so excited because she has found out I am having a baby, everyone knows and we are all excited. We all go out to a restaurant I cant believe it everyone was really supportive to me and Erika said we will go out and buy some baby stuff and Erika is going to try and convince  me to find out the gender of the baby but I said no and so did Louis. Darcy drew a picture of all of us outside of her new primary school ST Andrew's primary school it was good so I told Erika to put it up on the fridge and she said she was going to one step in front of me, we all laughed and then the waitress came to take our order so we all said what we wanted and the waitress went away to cook our food we were all talking about the Darcy's new school and it is going to be weird for Erika to not have Darcy all day. Darcy was sat next to me drawing a picture of all of us at the table, I hear a little voice next to and it Is Darcy wanting to give me some baby name for a girl and a boy she came up with cute names and I really liked them and I might use them. Darcy had a big smile on her little face. we all got our food and it was really nice after the meal we all went to our homes, me and Louis got in the car and on the way we were talking about buying a car seat and pram so we at least have those things. The next say me and Louis got up at 8am and we headed of to mother care. We choose out a brown and grey car seat. so we choose a baby chair for eating it was white and on the chair it was light yellow in the middle and it had bees on.  It was really cute, Me and Louis went home and Louis set up the car seat for the baby, we had to go to the hospital for a baby appointment, so we had to drop everything and go. We got to the hospital and we had the appointment the doctor asks us if we want to know the gender of the baby and me and Louis looked at each other and decided not to find out, the doctor was ok with it but she said if we wanted to know we can call her and she will tell us. *months later and im 9 months* I am due 22 of may and we are really excited and I am due tomorrow and I am feeling nervous.

*the next day I am due today*

I'm due today and all im doing today is sitting on the sofa relaxing. Louis said he will serve me hand and foot but I said no but Louis didn't take no for an answer. Everyone gets a phone car and this is the convocation.


Everyone: hey

Louis: hey

Everyone: are you ok

Louis: umm yeah Charlotte is in hospital now she has not had the baby

Everyone: OMG right im coming now

Louis: ok see you soon bye

Everyone: bye

Louis waits outside and I finally had the baby and it was a boy, He is called Josh William Tomlinson, he has got blonde hair and luckily Louis has got the baby clothes with him so we choose a cute outfit and a hat, they are white and  baby grow in the top right corner there is a teddy bear on it.


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