This is a story about two teenage girls, Emily and Kimberley who are trying to resolve many murder mysteries of their loved ones. This is still a work in progress


1. Everything Changes


 “I’m leaving” said Kimberley, sadly to me

I turned with a cold look.


 “Why do you have to go? I mean can I come?” I said with a surprised look hoping that the answer is a yes.



 “Well I am going to St. Petersburg to find Dylan…. To kill him.” Kimberley said


“Why, what did he do? But can I come?” I said with a confused look


 Kimberley looked at me with a very close and ‘it’s personal” look, thinking about the trip, thinking about what could happen to me


“Umm…well…hmm…well I have to go pack I’ll tell you later. Ok?”


 I thought back to everything from the past 6 months, how they looked at each other, the joking.

I realized that my locked up Uncle Victor was right about the relationship between Dylan and Kimberly and that we would split just because of one boy.


I looked at Kimberly with a dirty unforgettable look, “Your hiding something aren’t you Kim?” I said moving closer to her.

She looked at me


“No I would tell you!” Kim said, she stopped, her hands arose to her sides.”


“I know..! You loved Dylan! You loved him and you never told me! Kimberly, we tell each other everything” I hissed


“It was a secret! It had nothing to do with you! You have no right telling me that! Kimberly snapped


“He used you Kim that is why you have changed and that is why I don’t trust boys and you love a Strigoi now! Is there anything else as well as you didn’t tell me I would have been all right with it only if I had known but I did want to know this way!” I yelled, I left, a tear leaking out the corner of my eye, once it ran down my cheek I would run, I stormed out rushing down the stairs instead of the toilets, heading towards my  boyfriend’s room, all I can hear in my head is the whispers of my memories until I reached his door.

 I Opened the bedroom door slamming the door shut behind me, “huh…what...? Emily! What happened? What are you doing? Why are you here?” exclaimed Christian….







“Damn it Christian! We can’t keep doing this, you can’t keep grabbing at me every time you see me. It’s not a substitute for actually talking” I said, a tone of absolute fear entering my voice

“Why? Just because I want you every time I see you. Just because Kimberley’s gone doesn’t mean you have to fuck off after her” Christian said, lifting himself off the bed

“I don’t want to be used like that! Why can’t we just be friends or something… or just…” I broke off- when my advanced hearing- heard footsteps come and stop outside his door… there was then a knock

“Shh…” Christian whispered to me

Christian opened the door and there stood Kimberley

“Speak of the Devil and the Devil shall appear,” Christian said with a sigh “What are you doing here?”

“What’s going on Christian?” a voice I would know anywhere said

“What is she doing here?” Kimberley sneered

“I could ask you the same thing sis” I sneered back, malice dripping from my voice


I woke to the sound of a door being closed; like someone was sneaking out but I realized that it was impossible… I must have imagined it. My roommate Kimberley had left me nearly a year ago, I had just hoped that she would come to her senses and come home to where she was safe… but Kimberley always was reckless, never thought about anything she done… just rushed into things without thinking… I just didn’t want to think about losing her because we had a bond that no-one knew anything about but it was a bond stronger than a human bond.

I sighed and got up to get dressed for breakfast, I put on a printed blouse and some black slacks and my strictly deadly high heels and rushed out the door and down the stairs of my apartment at the local court, people were screeching and moving out of my way as I tried to run down the stairs. I made it to the Queens’ chambers just in time, the guards moving out of my way when they realized I wasn’t going to slow down or stop but I skidded to a halt when I saw Kimberley standing in the doorway

“What is she doing here?” Kimberley demanded

“I’m here for a meeting with Tabitha. What are you doing here?” I asked

“I’m staying here with Tabitha in her quarters until I can get my apartment fixed up here” I replied

“What… the… but… that…I thought that you were going to Russia” I said in disbelief

“No…well… I did…I was but then Tabitha wanted me to stay here and teach combat classes for a few months” Kimberley said

“Well I thought that you had to… to do that…that thing…that you had to do” I stuttered

“We do not speak of this subject when we have company around us, especially if one of them is the ruler of our kind” Kimberley said, her voice had a tone of anger behind it

It was then that Christian and Dylan came through the door playfully pushing each other

“Oh balls” Kimberley said

“So you two finally found out about each other huh?” Christian asked

“Oh, just shut the fuck up” Kimberley wailed

“Could we have… a moment…alone please” I said through my teeth

“As you wish” Tabitha said, before she left the room

When Christian didn’t leave Kimberley said

“Don’t you have somewhere you need to be?”

“Kimberley!” Dylan said, a warning behind his words

“What! I do believe that Emily said a moment alone” Kimberley said

“Uh…yeah I’ll see you later babe” Christian said, he leaned down to peck me on the cheek

“Are you going to be ok Kimmy?” Dylan asked, he only used that nickname when he was feeling particulars affectionate towards her

Kimberley simply gave him a ‘when am I never going to be ok” look

He smiled mysteriously and left the room

I took a seat on the loveseat in the corner of the room, Kimberley followed after a slight hesitation.

“So…what did you want to talk about?” Kimberley asked

“I wanted to talk about you, me, us. Why did you say you were going to Russia if you were really coming here?” I asked

“I did what I did because I wasn’t sure if you would actually follow me and I thought that… well if you thought I was going to Russia… well… I thought that you wouldn’t come after me… but now I know that you will follow me wherever I go and try and find me when I don’t want to be found” Kimberley said, with a roll of her eyes

“But you never factored in that I would be upset about you leaving me, I mean yeah sure I could of made a new best friend… but she wouldn’t be you Kimmy… no-one can compare to you” I said

“Emily…” she whispered

“So… how long has Dylan been back for?” I asked

Kimberley smiled

“He’s been back for six months now… I think. We’ve had coffee a few times when I’ve been on break… I mean it’s so weird, being with him, out in the open, but no-one seems to mind” Kimberley said, the smile still on her face


‘I guess when you’re in love…as much as they are, you really don’t notice what people think but I don’t have the heart to tell her… although I probably should’ I thought

“Isn’t that great Em?” she asked

“Oh yeah…really great” I said


A guard came rushing into the room, cheeks flushed and very short of breath

“Someone is here to see you, Miss Kimberley… the man claims…well claims to be your father” Toby said

“My father?” Kimberley asked in disbelief

Toby nodded

“Thank you Toby” Kimberley said, lifting up her skirts as she got up. It was an old Victorian era dress that she had inherited from her mother before she passed away when Kimberley was twelve…

Kimberley walked out of the room, her heels clacking against the pure marble floor, as she walked. I laughed as she tried a sophisticated walk.

The room fell silent until an ear-splitting scream filled the hallway; I ran out to see what all the commotion was about, I wasn’t sure what I would find but I was genuinely surprised at what unfolded in front of me …

I saw Kimberley,  her hands covering her mouth, the tears running down her face and her father… lying on the floor in a pool of blood, a sword protruding from his chest. Kimberley fell to the floor and started to sob… I walked over to her, knelt down and grabbed her shoulders… shaking her a little

“Kimberley! Listen to me, you can’t shut yourself off from the world again; not like when your mother died… we need you… something big is coming” I said fiercely

Someone came running towards us; someone I couldn’t quite identify until I saw her face; it was Kimberley’s younger sister Imogen

Imogen was very much like Kimberley, well physically anyways. They had the same dark brown hair, the same emerald green eyes and the same exotic tan; but personality wise they were so different, while Kimberley was fierce and ready to jump into action when needed; Imogen was calmer, peaceful very Zen like when she talked; a lot like Dylan when I thought about it.


Kimberley crawled forward to smooth her father’s hair down and close his eyes, she said the final words “Ave atque vale… farewell father;” she stood up, the edge of her dress covered in her fathers’ blood

“What do we do with the body?” Imogen asked in a mouse-like voice

“I don’t know Imogen; I really don’t know… you guys take care of it; I have to get to class” Kimberley said, her voice dead

And with that she walked away. A slight slouch to her walk

“Come on, we’ll move him into the janitors closet” I said

He was heavy, heavier than I first thought; I did my job without looking at him, I couldn’t bear to see his contorted, deformed body.

I looked down at Imogen and grabbed her shoulders, the tears streaming down her face

“Immie, listen to me, you can’t tell anyone about what you just saw ok? No matter how painful it is, you can’t tell anyone” I said fiercely

“Ok,” she whispered “What about Kimmy? Is she going to be ok?” Imogen asked

“She will be just give it time and maybe… when she talks to Dylan” I said mysteriously

A figure started to come towards us, I tensed until I realized who the figure was… it was Dylan

“Kimberley wants to talk to both of you, plus I have something I need to announce” Dylan said

He started walking away almost instantly, I looked Imogen and shrugged, we followed after him.

We reached the Training Room that Kimberley was training junior novices in; I knocked on the door.

“Its open” said Kimberley, her voice muffled

I opened the door, unsure on what I would find, I found Kimberley sitting on the floor, a razor next to her and Kimberley in a pool of blood

“Oh my god…,” I said, putting my hand over my mouth

“Dylan!” I yelled

Dylan came running through the doors, his eyes wide as he took in the scene that unfolded before him, he came rushing over to where Kimberley was on the floor.

“Kimberley, what the hell are you thinking? Suicide, really? You know what you mean to me, does that not mean anything to you? Huh? Kimberley?” Dylan asked

“What am I thinking? Of course I know what I mean to you; I’m not blind or stupid” Kimberley said, her voice numb

“Kimmy?” a small voice said behind us, I turned to see Imogen behind us, her eyes wide with shock… I stood protectively in front of Kimberley

“Come on Immie, let’s go and see your Nan, you don’t need to see this” I said, leaving the lovebirds to talk

“Are you guys going to be okay?” I asked

“Yeah, we’ll be fine, thanks Emily. Come back soon… because I need you” Kimberley said, looking very fragile on the floor

I took Imogen by the shoulders and walked her out the door…


“So why cut yourself?” Dylan asked as he cleaned Kimberley’s cuts

“Well… when I was with… Emily, Toby… the guard; came in to say that someone was there to see me… and… well when I walked out… my father was there…dead…” Kimberley said grimly

Dylan pulled Kimberley into his arms; in an instant; and she finally let go of the tears she had been holding back… because she didn’t want to scare me by not being strong… She started to sob

“Is she okay?” Imogen asked

“Yeah… she’s fine, go to your Nan and tell her what happened. She needs to know” I said, dismissing her

Imogen walked away, sulking

I walked back into the training room; my head held high, if she couldn’t be strong for me, I’d be strong for her

“How are you feeling?” I asked, leaning up against a wall

“I’m better now that you’re here” Kimberley said in a child-like voice, she had a stupidly happy grin plastered to her face

“Can you go into the storage room and find the medical supplies, Kimberley is going to need bandages” Dylan said

I walked away, furiously mad for some reason, I reached the storage room and opened the door; I closed it so it didn’t quite catch…

“You’re going to need to wear long sleeves for a few days Kimmy, can you do that… for me” Dylan asked

He leaned forward to press his lips lightly to her forehead, a very y sweet gesture for him

 “What are we going to do with you, Kimmy?” Dylan said, his voice barely audible


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