Ashleigh and Louis have been friends for 7 years. Louis applies for the xfactor and Ashleigh and a friend go along to support him along with his mother. He makes it through and they support him through everything.
She meets a lot of new people along the way and her life changes forever.
What happens when Ashleigh is persuaded to apply for the xfactor the year after? will they meet again? or will they never hear of each other again?
When the xfactor is over what would've happened along the way? Will their be broken hearts? New beginnings? or will everything fall apart?


5. she's gone

Taliah's P.O.V

It was the next morning and we still hadn't heard from Louis. It was making me mad. I got up at 8am, Ashleigh was still fast asleep. I left the house with my jacket on and my beanie, it was winter and it was cold. The cold smoke was coming out of my mouth when I breathed. I walked into the town center and waited at the bus stop. 

"Taliah," A quiet voice said behind me, I turned around and saw Louis standing there. I stood up and looked at him, "I've been looking everywhere for you." He said. Seeing him brought tears to my eyes

"It's so good to see you." I said, I walked around the bench and hugged him. He held me tight.

"Do you want to go get coffee? or were you going somewhere?" He asked, I turned my head and looked at the bus stop. 

"I wasn't going anywhere, actually, I was coming to see you." I said, his eyes widened and his eyebrows raised. 

"Me?" He asked, putting his hand to his chest, he smirked.

I nodded and he smiled, "You took so long to reply." I said. He looked down. 

"I was coming here to find her. I asked everybody but they all said they hadn't seen her since I left for the xfactor. What's going on?" He asked, his smile dropped. 

"Maybe we could talk about it over coffee?" I asked, he nodded. 

We started walking to the coffee shop when my phone rung. It was Ashleigh. I looked at Louis who carried on walking, I hung up and put my phone back in my pocket. I walked over to Louis. We got to the coffee shop and sat down at an empty table in the corner by the window. He looked at me and smiled. I looked out the window. No one was around. I don't blame them, no one came out in the winter. But then again, no one came out at all anymore. 

"So, you know about the letter? Did you write it or did she?" Louis asked, I looked at him. I shook my head.

"I didn't write it. I live with her. She wrote it, all of it. She only writes so much on a piece of paper, she doesn't talk much anymore." I explained, he nodded. The waitress came over with our drinks. Latte' and mocha. 

"Doesn't she express her feelings through her music?" He asked, I looked away from him. Now this was the hard part, trying to tell him everything. I looked at him and he looked upset. I licked my lips and exhaled heavily, trying to hold back the tears. He put his hand on mine.

"Louis, ever since you left, nothing in her life makes sense anymore. She misses you. She doesn't admit it but she does," His eyebrows narrowed, "You wouldn't be able to recognize her anymore. Most people dont." 

"What do you mean?" He replied. I reached into my pocket and pulled a photo of me and Ashleigh, when Louis and her were still talking. The happiness in her eyes. I placed it on the table in front of him.

"That's the girl you remember," He studied the picture, he looked up at me and nodded, "she doesn't sing anymore. She dropped out of school. She smokes and lives in a shed. She drinks and doesn't talk to anyone. She's not happy anymore and I don't think she ever will be, ever again. She doesn't leave the shed. She spends hours in the bath with a bottle of vodka or wine and a packet of cigarettes. She wears black makeup. If I talk to her, she doesn't move her head, just her eyes. Slowly she would move them, not fast. And she would stare at me for a long time. It's terrifying. She's so different." I said. He had tears in his eyes. Seeing him cry made me cry. He looked away from me, "She's gone Louis." He looked at me and his eyes shut closed. He brought his hands to his face and covered his face. I saw the tears hit the table. I put my phone next to him. He moved his hands from his face, "Call her, talk to her. But I'm not sure what she will do." He picked up my phone. He put my phone to his ear. 

"Hello," I heard Ashleigh speak her voice was croaky, "Taliah?" Louis looked at me. 

"No, this is Louis," He moved his jaw, there was silence, "Ashleigh please."

"What are you doing with Taliah's phone?" She asked slowly. 

"I'm with her, Ashleigh please let me help you. I'm so sorry." He said, there was a long silence. Louis looked up at me. I heard the phone beep and his tears came down harder.

"Louis what did she say?" I asked, he put his hand to his mouth and looked out the window.

"She whispered "I don't need your help" quietly then hung up the phone. Taliah, she sounds possessed." Louis said. The way he described her 'Possessed' was exactly right. Whenever Ashleigh did talk to me, she did sound like something was inside of her, like off the movies. I stood up. Louis looked at me. I held my hand out and he grabbed it. I walked him out the coffee shop.   

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