Ashleigh and Louis have been friends for 7 years. Louis applies for the xfactor and Ashleigh and a friend go along to support him along with his mother. He makes it through and they support him through everything.
She meets a lot of new people along the way and her life changes forever.
What happens when Ashleigh is persuaded to apply for the xfactor the year after? will they meet again? or will they never hear of each other again?
When the xfactor is over what would've happened along the way? Will their be broken hearts? New beginnings? or will everything fall apart?


4. Dear Louis.

Ashleigh's P.O.V

It's been 6 weeks since I last saw Louis. Ever since he left for the xFactor, everything changed. I haven't talked to him since boot camp. We knew it was all going to end soon, he was going to be big and famous and I'm going to be a nobody. Taliah comes around nearly everyday now, she talks to me and tells me its okay. I decided to write Louis a letter, Taliah helped me with some of it. I confessed everything, my feelings for him. Taliah promised me she would send it for me. I could never do it. I couldn't face it, I wouldn't be able to. 

It was getting late and Taliah wanted to stay the night. We had a few drinks together that evening, watched movies and went online. We can never get bored, that's why I love hanging out with her. 

Taliah's P.O.V

Ever since Louis and Ashleigh agreed to go their separate ways, Ashleigh's been drinking, smoking and she quit performing. She threw out nearly every cd she owned, her guitar, pictures, dvd's and she lives on her own in a wrecked up place. She's no longer my neighbor. She's broke, has no job, dropped out of college. She's messed up. I almost feel sorry for her. Its been a week since I sent the letter to Louis and we've had no reply. I'm worried.

I havent told Ashleigh yet but im going their tomorrow to see whats taking so long for him to reply. She loves him. She doesn't like to admit it, but she does. I know it. She takes baths every night. Stays in there for almost an hour. I can always smell cigarette smoke coming from inside the room and it's not a good smell. She takes a bottle of vodka every time she goes in there. She never replies to me when I bang on the door. She sits on the couch with a ciggy in her hand and stares at nothing. It's kinda creepy. But I miss her.

Louis' P.O.V

Everyone was downstairs, drinking, singing, dancing, laughing and eating. I walked upstairs and there was an envelope with my name written on it. I walked towards it and picked it up. I turned it over and ripped open the back of the envelope. There was a letter inside. I sat on my bed and opened it.

Dear Louis, 

I miss you. A lot. Ever since you left, my life hasn't gone right. I don't have a good time at school anymore and I have no one to talk to. I miss you coming over and lying on the couch with me, cuddling me and watching movies. I miss the prank calls and the laughs we used to have. You left Louis. And it feels like every bit of me left with you. I'm so alone. 

My first memory of you is on our first day of kindergarten. We were five. You thought girls had cooties and I thought boys were gross. And you told me that and I cried, even though I dont really know why. 

I remember in third grade, when we were eight. Our sisters had become friends, and we had too. We sat at the same lunch table, and you spilled your milk all over me and I cried. I don't really know why. 

In sixth grade, our mothers had become friends, and we pretended we didn't know each other. You were cool. I got braces. You got your first girlfriend and I cried. I don't really know why. 

In eighth grade, we became friends again. And we'd spend every Friday night watching tv and laughing. I called you my best friend. You called me your sister, and I cried. I don't really know why. 

In tenth grade, you couldn't find a date to homecoming and I couldn't either. So we went together, insisting we were just friends. You left the dance early because you felt sick, and I danced with a boy that was not you. When I got home, I cried. I don't really know why. 

In eleventh grade, you started driving me to school every morning. We'd stop for breakfast every Wednesday, and that was my favorite part of the week. One morning, you paid for my bagels, and called it a date. Later that day, we kissed.  I was so happy and I cried. I don't really know why. 

It's spring of senior year now. Come September, we'll be living on either sides of the country. You're living your dream, and I've been accepted to my dream school. I know a month a few weeks ago we talked, and agreed to go our separate ways. We both cried. And we both know why.

I hope one day you find someone who makes flowers grow in even the saddest parts of you. You deserve the best in life, Louis. You're going to travel the world, meet new people, fall in love, try new things and I wish you all the best in life. I want to kiss you and take cute pictures with you and go on stupid dates but I also want to kill you for making me feel things.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I'm in love with you Louis Tomlinson, and everything about you.


The door opened and Harry walked in holding a cup of punch in one hand and his phone in the other. He looked at me and smiled. His smile faded once he saw the tears on my cheeks. 

"Mate, are you alright?" He asked, putting his drink on the side and throwing his phone on his bunk. He walked over to me and sat beside me on my bed. I nodded. I handed him the letter and he read it. I sat there, tears falling onto my lap. 

"Wow, she can write. Hey mate, dont cry over her. There are so many other girls out there who want you. You agreed to go your separate ways so go. Don't beat yourself up." He said, My cheeks started burning up. I took the letter out of his hand. 

"It's not that simple." I said, I leant forward and Harry sat forward. 

"Why? Whats so special about this girl?" I stood up and walked around the room. I put my hand through my hair and looked at him. My eyes getting even more teary. 

"She doesn't say "I love you" like a normal person. Instead, she'll laugh, shake her head, give you a little smile, and say "You're an idiot." If she tells you you're an idiot, you're a lucky man. I am in love with the idea of falling in love with her, I am in love with the way she asks how she looks and she gazes at me like im the silliest boy in the world because i'm not responding to her but really i'm just left at a loss for words.." I wiped the tear of my cheek and sniffed, my tears dropping onto the foor, "And maybe it seems like im laughing and smiling at nothing, but really i'm realizing that nothing has ever loved anything as I love the girl that stands in front of me. I am in love with the way she stares and smiles at me, I hope she knows that if she didn't make me so shy i'd watch her forever too, if I didn't know there was a heart beating inside my chest right now I would probably just assume it was just a golden heart shaped locket with her name inside of it. I am in love with the way her smile shines like every star in the night sky and her eyes that have every summer inside of them and how her scent is like the sweetest things in the world combined into one if you looked inside a dictionary and found the word perfect a description of her is what you'd find. I am in love with the way she makes every second beautiful but not even close to as gorgeous as her. But I think out of all of this I'm in love with her most." I said, Harry didn't say anything. He smiled, he got off the bed and walked over to me he gave me a hug and patted me on the back.

He still didn't say anything, he released from the hug and walked out the room. 

I had to go see her. I miss her. 

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