The Cuts On My Wrist

Hey everyone. This is a collection of people's stories about being bullied or bullying and also some advice and quotes and little things like that are included to help stomp out bullying. Please read and help us stop The bullying... every little bit counts to a better future. If would like to be heard please email me at and you can have a voice as well:) WARNING. This story may be a little depressing to those who are like me, and are bullied.


10. Sarah

Well, it was the first day of Kindergarten and I was so excited. My first day of school, finally a chance to prove that I'm a big girl now. But when I acctually got too school, it was anything but exciting. It was lunch and I was with my new friend I had met, her name was Katelyn. We were eating and talking about our experience so far when we noticed some year 6 boys approaching us. We got up too move, but I wasn't quick enough and they pushed me against the wall, I saw Katelyn running away. The boys stared at me and one punched me in the stomach, I dropped to the ground in pain then I heard one of them snicker "How about a kick in the head?" After that, the last thing I remember was a foot being raised towards my face and the rest was black, utter darkness. Nothing in my sights. After 2 days at home with a black and swollen eye, it was back to school. When I arrived, Katelyn had found other friends and she had turned into exactly what I had feared; A bully. "Oh what a shame your back. I hoped you were dead" She muttered while everybody laughed and watched me walk away. It was all too much, for the rest of that year I was getting insulted, my things were stolen and my belongings were damaged.  It got too the stage, my family moved away to a new town.
I started year 1 at my new school and things were still the same, I was insulted, I had stuff stolen and broken. I even had teachers being rude too me.
Year 2,3,4,5 and 6 weren't any different either. Each day it got worse, I was getting set up so I would cop the trouble, I had rumours spread, I was excluded from everything and I didn't fit in anywhere I went. It was so hard, that I was glad to escape to high school.
But when year 7 came, everything got 100x worse. I got stalked, Cyberbullied, Excluded, Punched, Insulted. People spread rumours and everything. It was so bad, I had constant suicidal thoughts. I managed to pull through, but it was hard. Year 8 was not better either, I still got insulted, I didn't fit in, People spread rumours and stole my stuff again. I was getting threatened and punched, I was pushed around and cyberbullied. I considered cutting, but this one teacher managed to pull me through.

Year 9, everything got worse. I had a phone call saying I was going to get bashed, another one saying I was a yuck s***** c***. I got stalked again, I was accused of being racist and I was even bashed because I'm a christian. I had more suicidal thoughts and numerous attempts.
Now I'm in year 10, and still it hasn't let up. I have had things thrown at me, my assignments ruined, my phone stolen. I was called every name under the sun, I got threatened, sexually harrased, punched, kicked, excluded, barracaded out of the classroom and yet again more rumours were spraed.
Then on 26th August, I tried to self harm. My friends looked everywhere for me and my music teacher was nearly crying because he was so worried. Then I went on a 4 day excursion to the city for Southern Stars, while we were there, I got a text from this guy I knew saying I was fugly s***, and told me to go die in a ho,e because I was a dirty dog. Then me and my friend had a massive fight. So I was sitting there cryingmy eyes out, hiding my face so nobody could see me. Soon enough, I slit my wrist. Nobody knew.

When we got back to school, I still got picked on, I was bashed again and even more rumours were spread while I was away. I lost a few friends and they were quite close too me aswell. So I cut my wrists again. Since then I haven't stopped cutting, each day I had a new scar. My music teacher soon found out so now he has been helping me through it.
Basically that's it. My whole life I have been put through hell and back. And it hurts, It really hurts.




So that was Sahra's story. Its really sad I know. So there's this thing I want you guys to do for me. Everytime I post up a story, if you cried (like I did) or you think its sad, I would like you to write a short message for them. Little things like these really help, and I would really appreciate it if you did this for each of these people:)


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