The Cuts On My Wrist

Hey everyone. This is a collection of people's stories about being bullied or bullying and also some advice and quotes and little things like that are included to help stomp out bullying. Please read and help us stop The bullying... every little bit counts to a better future. If would like to be heard please email me at and you can have a voice as well:) WARNING. This story may be a little depressing to those who are like me, and are bullied.





ever since I walked in the first day of preschool ive been bullied. I never evem considered cutting until the 5th grade. I was laying in bed when my dad came in there. he told me that I needed to change me basically. and when he left I was so hurt that my own dad wanted me to change. so I looked on my bookshelf and saw my pencil pouch. I remembered my siccors. that's how it started. I stopped and so did the bullying....well almost. I got it on the bus. but it wasn't as bad. and I became a 6th grader. I thought I would have at least some friends...right? well no.all my friends I had last year did everything they could to avoid me. so I started again. on this website I cut really bad because of a little disagreement I had with another person. and it wasn't only that it was. I got called a lesbian , and when I tried to tell a teacher about the bullying. they just didn't care. I am still bullied by random people I don't even know. I still cut. but not as bad. and ive always felt alone , like no one cared. and then I met my bestest friend. her name is Mallory. she saved me. she has the same problem as me but she only cuts. I try to suffocate myself , cut , and drown myself. but nothing worked. thanks for listening...

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