The Cuts On My Wrist

Hey everyone. This is a collection of people's stories about being bullied or bullying and also some advice and quotes and little things like that are included to help stomp out bullying. Please read and help us stop The bullying... every little bit counts to a better future. If would like to be heard please email me at and you can have a voice as well:) WARNING. This story may be a little depressing to those who are like me, and are bullied.


13. My story


It was six years back when I joined my institute where I went on to complete my schooling. We had shifted from another town where we had stayed for two years. New city meant-new school, new uniforms, and new friends. It didn't take much time adjust to it. My classmates were friendly and ever-smiling and it wasn't a bother. I tried to fit in with each group. I tried to understand everyone and this way years passed by. I remained friendly with everyone and soon the class of forty dwindled to a set of mere seventeen. Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say turned to out to be true. As there were very few girls, we had not much choice. We had to blend in with nerds, Goths and the popular few. It was in my final year when my rivals (I call them my enemy trio -‘rivals’ due to difference of opinion but they turned out be much more than that) played a card too well. Using the ‘final-year’ excuse, they managed to grab the attention of my two friends. My other friend and I opposed to idea-we sensed a trick. But the others went ahead. Instead we got alienated and isolated from the group. We tried to manage on our own but when one of us was absent, we had no choice but to mingle with them.  I was never an athlete so was my friend. We would skip the Sports’ Day and when it came to updating the day’s activities, my rivals would say that there wasn't any sporting event and class went on as usual whereas in reality, there was a sport event. I got fooled like this twice. I thought I would die with embarrassment. Not that I was so gullible, it was just that I had no one to trust. Many times I had to sit alone (well my sister was with me) in the cafeteria due to their snobbery. I had literally no one to talk when my friend hadn't come and I would go home crying. Not only that, the incident displayed a bad image of my friend and I in front our teachers and my class teacher almost believed that there was something seriously wrong with us. My mother too faced the brunt of my teachers during the PTA meetings but she never retorted as she felt that I might face more troubles (my teacher supported the rivals strongly). I tried interacting with boys but they turned out to be weak and the stylish rivals had cast a spell on them too. The boys would bring a heavy volleyball into the little class and they would start playing. Most of the times the ball would distract us and many times, my friend and I were made the target. They pelted that ball many times on my head. Many guys spoke bad about me and one called me a ‘bitch’ while interacting with rivals when I was in the same room. But that didn't stay there-they tried harming my sister too. One of the guys locked my sister and her classmates in the classroom and the other forcefully grabbed my sister by her bag and troubled her. It was terrible. With no one to talk to, no one for support, I would sneak in my cell phone and in the free time, I would talk with my true friend-my mom. I felt that I was in a losing battle. I cried many times-thinking why me? People had cornered me in all the direction and I felt like giving up. But with my mother’s advice I realised that many people had their hopes on me and I had to do well in my boards. I engrossed myself in studies and writing stories. There were distractions but I had to work hard. I took the support of my other teachers and kept myself busy. I worked towards my goal and somehow the year passed. I successfully cracked my exams and the endurance wasn’t for nothing-as next year we wouldn’t have to see their ugly, shitty faces. My friend who abandoned me for my rivals’ glitz came back-but I haven’t forgiven yet. She knows that and feels guilty for what she did. The guy who troubled my sister realised his mistake and apologised. Now, others haven’t changed I guess, but looking back I realised that I have changed. I have the advantage of, well, I have seen how people can behave and react. As my mom says- ‘When the gold metal undergoes the pressure and heat only then will you get pure gold’.

I was studious, equally-popular, many liked and admired me, I took part in debates, science elocution, and other competitions (I won many times) and thus I emerged a potential threat to my rivals. They bullied me and sometimes I feel it’s happening now too (I’ll tell this one later). I believe that no one deserves to be bullied. It’s really unhealthy and unfortunate. But the main message is- don’t bully or hurt others (this one is for haters-believe me if you are cursed by a poor, troubled soul, then there’s no escaping) and importantly, DON’T BE BULLIED. Don’t be quiet. Take help from family, friends (if they can) and teachers. Dust yourselves. Stand up. And don’t let anyone walk over you!


Your friend and supporter,

~Rohini N

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