The Cuts On My Wrist

Hey everyone. This is a collection of people's stories about being bullied or bullying and also some advice and quotes and little things like that are included to help stomp out bullying. Please read and help us stop The bullying... every little bit counts to a better future. If would like to be heard please email me at and you can have a voice as well:) WARNING. This story may be a little depressing to those who are like me, and are bullied.


42. @Justgowithit



Ok so here I go... So I was born in Kentucky and moved to Australia when I was 2. Since all kids knew about Kentucky was KFC I was constantly made fun of and called "KFC girl" throughout primary (elementary) school. I was also teased because of my abnormal birthmark on my wrist/forearm. Not to mention I was a loner for the majority of prep. Anywaysss in grade 1 I started to make some "friends", they were alright except for one girl who would kick, punch, scratch, pull my hair, swear at me and spit at me. Yes this went from grade 1 to about half way through grade 6, stopping only temporarily in grade 4 when I broke my arm. So I went into year 7 thinking 'New school, New start'. Oh how wrong I was. The girl that used to bully me went to another high school but managed to spread rumors that I have anger management problems and that I killed a baby (Lovely wasn't she?) I made some friends who understood what I was going through but unfortunately introduced me to self harm. In year 8 nothing was really improving, although I did change friends, there was a teacher that would make my life hell and constantly degrade my input in the class and so on so on. I am currently in year 9 and HATING everything. One of my so called "friends" (I REALLY hate her) thinks that she can make up that she has depression, anxiety and self harms. Anyway thats my story...

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