The Cuts On My Wrist

Hey everyone. This is a collection of people's stories about being bullied or bullying and also some advice and quotes and little things like that are included to help stomp out bullying. Please read and help us stop The bullying... every little bit counts to a better future. If would like to be heard please email me at and you can have a voice as well:) WARNING. This story may be a little depressing to those who are like me, and are bullied.


15. A little poem:/

One more kiss of the blade;
I swear this time's the last.
I was doing so well,
now I've slipped back to my past.

One more tiny cut,
just to erase the pain.
Who am I kidding?
I know I'll do it again.

One more drop of blood;
a tear falls down my cheek.
I don't know what happened.
How did I become so weak?

I thought that I was past this,
thought I'd made it through.
I'm running out of excuses,
for now I'll just blame you

You made me hate myself,
you made me pick up the tool,
you brought back my self-loathing, 

you made me look like a fool.

I know that I'm ****ed up,
I know that I need help,
I know I'll never stop;
I can't quit by myself.

One more slice of the skin,
another day in long sleeves.
Nobody thinks anything of it,
I'll be screwed when Winter leaves.

One more kiss of the blade,
another ugly scar;
self inflicted open wound,

one day I'll go too far.


A/N: all credit goes to FictionReality who wrote this on

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