why i love my dog

here are some reasons why i love my dog and well just about my dog his name is fergus and he is a maultese-shitzu


2. cats

ok so i am a massive dog lover but i also ADORE cats i have 2 one i have had all my life who grew up with me  and i dont know what i would do he's the one i talk to about my problems (i know how it sounds :p) even though he dosnt reply and his name is harry (not after harry styles) and well hes my life.

and about my other cat who is a girl named bishanog (bish-a-nog) who is only a kitten and was given to me from my friend so she is my little princess.

so to all those cat lovers (one i know who is a cat lover is night)

and night dont apoligise i LOVE cats <3

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