Best Friends

Macylynn is a 13 year old girl and the minute she brings up singing her mother says " your sisters will amount to more than you can even dream of." Harsh. Her best friend Jake just moved and she asked him something what will he say? Will he agree or call her a whore as well as the rest of the world


2. ready? set. go!

I packed my backpack full clothes then put the necessities in my louis vitton bag. I had my phone and 200$ the plane tickets were in my bag. I called Jake "ready" I asked. My parents were out and my sisters emma, who was 11 and Lexa, who was nine were out with friends at skate world. I walked to my door "set" he responded. We both walked outside his house was right across the street from mine. We both hung up and got to my car. We got in and smiled he had his backpack and his sports duffel. "Go" we said flatly at the same time. I started my range rover and drove off. We were doing it. We have planned this since the eights grade when he said call me and I'll be there. We were running away. 


AUTHORS NOTE♥♥ SORRY ITS SHORT IM ON MY PHONE AND ITS 11 AT NIGHT PLUS I HAVE SCHOOL IN THE MORNING. I usually wont go to sleep this early but I have a bad cold and stayed home today so yeah. Love you guys! The background to this is true. I changed the names and yes "Jake did say that. He said it tonight actually. I have liked him since 4th grade. 4 years and he likes me too ♥♥♥

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