Best Friends

Macylynn is a 13 year old girl and the minute she brings up singing her mother says " your sisters will amount to more than you can even dream of." Harsh. Her best friend Jake just moved and she asked him something what will he say? Will he agree or call her a whore as well as the rest of the world


1. Macylynn


When Macy was in the 2nd grade she was bullied. She met 4 girls and they were her best friends. Sasha, Carly, Jannet, and Amelia. The 5 of them were best friends. Amelia moved that summer, Jannet became part of the popular group with jane and Sasha and Carly stayed best friends. In the third grade Macy moved schools but stayed in contact with Carly and Sasha. That year Macy met Alex. Alex is still Macys friend to this day. C and S got in a huge fight and are no longer friends. In the fourth grade Macy went back to her previous school and met Jake. She had a huge crush on him. She was bullied and became anorexic. Today she still is a little. Macy has long black hair that is choppy and always looks messy. her eyes are green with a slight bit of caramel in them. She wears navy blue and grey most of the time and never wears dresses unless the are black and look good with her tan roxy combat boots or her galaxy vans. She is now 15 and its then day before her 16th birthday.

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