Twins by surprise

Leslie Tapia was just a normal girl going to Saddleback High School. When one day the school nerd a.k.a Marcel Styles, asks her out and she felt sorry so said yes. But who is the real person she went on the date with Marcel or his brother Harry.


2. WHAT!?!

So i generously walked over there. I sat down tossing my backpack next to me. 'Hey Marcel ... um not to be mean but...why are you here' i said to him. He stopped eating, ' Well... my troubled brother,Harry, got both of us kicked out of our old High School.' He said. But i don't know why he went to our school cos, with his credits he could go to college. 'So why here.' 'Well i came for this one person.' ' who?' I asked. He looked down then back up. 'Well... f-fo , is it hot in here, i-I'm caffing.' He said 'well for who?' I asked. 'You i came here for you!' 'What for me?' 'Yes for you...Ummm....Do you wanna maybe go out ermmm.... some...time?' I was both in shock but strangely flattered. 'Jacey...i need an answer...yes or-' 'i have to go.' I stood up, and walked over to mary and casey. They were talking to the cute boys at school. I grabbed there backpacks and pulled them and started walking. 'Excuse us boys' i said with a fancy accent. 'What the fuck Leslie we were trying to get dates to the dance.' Said Casey. 'Well i think i have a date!!' 'OMG with who.' Said Mary. 'With uhhh... M-M-M....Marcel.' They just started cracking up. 'hahaha you have got to tell me this is a joke.' 'I think I'm gonna pe-he.' I just stared at them with a stern face. 'Guys i'm serious he ask me out and I'm thinking of saying YES! You know what I'm not putting up with this bullshit i am going to say yes to Marcel.' I stormed out of the restroom and went up to him. He looked at me with his gorgeous green eyes. 'Marcel? i accept to go ina date with you.' He smiled at me.'okay well I'll pick you up at 8 o'clock.' He said to me.'it's a date' I said to him.
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