Twins by surprise

Leslie Tapia was just a normal girl going to Saddleback High School. When one day the school nerd a.k.a Marcel Styles, asks her out and she felt sorry so said yes. But who is the real person she went on the date with Marcel or his brother Harry.


1. meeting Marcel

I'm Leslie, i do average at school. I mean I'm not the best but not the worst either. I hang out with my friends Imarie and Cassadey. We have been BFFS ever since pre-k. One day Imarie or as i call her Mary catme running to me.'you won' school.' Me and Cassadey or Casey were naming names if random people. 'No it's Marcel....Marcel Styles.' We were both in shock.'Wait nerdy Marcel the one from 6th grade?' I asked. Mary knodded her head. 'Hey there he comes now.' He was walking down the hallway with books and his schedule looking for his classes. As he got closer you could hear him say 'H-hi do you know were class 207 is? ' i tried to walk away but he saw me. 'Hello Leslie.' I put my hand over my face and turned around. 'Wassup Marcel' i said. He asked me were his class was so i told him where it was. He thanked me. So after 3 classes, it was lunch. We went to the tables. And guess who was sitting on OUR tabel.Marcel. He was there eating alone.'Aww look at Marcel eating his lunch all alone.' Said Casey. 'Yeah how depressing..well lets go get lunch.' Both Mary and Casey bolted of to the caffiteria. But i stayed , i felt bad for him,i mean everybody has been the 'new kid' sometime.
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