Twins by surprise

Leslie Tapia was just a normal girl going to Saddleback High School. When one day the school nerd a.k.a Marcel Styles, asks her out and she felt sorry so said yes. But who is the real person she went on the date with Marcel or his brother Harry.


3. ggggg

So i then gave me my phone and address. And just then the bell rang so i ran to charge through the stampied if people to get to my next class. Where casey sat next to me. 'Listen ...Leslie wer- I'M sorry for laughing i just... well...see i thought....that it was just... see -' the teacher , Mr.Radford, stopped her. 'Jacey!...Cassadey! both have talked this whole year...Damien switch with Jacey' . He said i got my backpack and threw it on my shoulder. 'Gladly.' I didn't even bother looking back at Cassadey. I sat in my new seat it was in the 2nd row last seat. I didn't talk to anyone and actually Learned something. Did you know that a single cell organism cAn divide its self to creat a copy of its self. So after class i rushwd home ti get ready for my date. I took a shower and went into a tanktop and shorts trying to find the perfect outfit. ***********Marcel's POV************* Yay! Jacey said yes but what should i wear. She is so pretty and well im always in a vest. Well what if i ask me brother ,Harry, were twins. 'Harry!!' I yelled. 'Marcel what the fuck , i was talking to a girl so make this fast.' ' know how i like Jacey...well i asked her out and she said yes can you help me with my cloths.' He looked at me 'yeah my boy has a date.' So we spent the next 2 hours trying to fins the right clothes. Finally i was wearing a black v neck with a navy blue skinny jean. Harry did my hair he didn't put anything in it and i found out that my natural hair is curl . Plus as a finishing touch o put a bandana around my head. Harry went tothe store and got dlowers for me to give to her. Now im ready . Wait i still have my glasses. ' Marcel i got you contacts' he said so i put them on. Kay now im ready for my date with Jacey
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