Alex Who?

Raelynn Jo Townslee is new in town and she must start at a new high school in the middle of her Junior year. She doesn't care what people think about her and its that attitude that always lands her in trouble. Every since Kenny (Kennedy) died she gave up on the world and she stopped giving a fuck about what happens around her. Raelynn has had multiply run-ins with the law, she loves the adrenaline that fighting gives her. And her family is almost as fucked up as her. What happens when someone threatens to tear down her walls? What happens when she is all alone?


3. Trip to the mall

I woke up to someone knocking on the door and light shining into my room. "Hey Raelynn do you want to go to the mall with me? Mom already left to go to the bar and I need to get some new video games to play and I figured you might want some new clothes or a new lip ring." Russell said and sat on the end of my bed. "Umm yea, sure just let me get dressed because I could use some new clothes to start school in and I really want to get my eyebrow pierced if you don't mind." I replied and herded him out of my room so I could get dressed. I decided to straighten and tease my hair, I pulled on my favorite pair of faded ripped skinny jeans, a black tank top that was ripped up the sides and my sparkly silver combat boots. I hurried downstairs and found Russell sitting at the counter eating toast, which I took out of his hands and shoved the whole piece in my mouth.

It was about 10:35 when we got to the mall and surprisingly it was crowded with teens both girls and guys. "Ok so where do you want to go first Rae?" Russell asked and I looked around until I spotted my favorite store. "Let's go to Hot Topic hurry Russell I need to get some new lip rings! Should I get my eyebrow or tongue pierced, or maybe both?" I asked and dragged him inside. I picked out a couple shirts and some new lip rings, then went to the check out line that a hot cashier was working. "Hey umm.... Skyler should I get my tongue, eyebrow or both pierced?" I asked him and he smiled at my outburst. "I think you would look beautiful with either one but I personally love eyebrow piercings on girls." He said. "Ok well do you know of any good places to get piercings?" I asked winking at him. "Umm well how about when I get off work I show you to the best tattoo and piercing shop I know. I get off at 12:30 if you plan to hang around the mall until then and we could just meet up here." Skyler winked back. "Umm sure that sounds great because I need to still do some more shopping but I'll be here at 12:30 on the dot so you better hurry up." I said and walked out of the store with Russell following me. "Well that couldn't have been any more awkward he was pretty much drooling over you and you just sat there and flirted right back with him."  "Hey calm down Russell he's gonna show me a place for tattoos and piercings plus I might be able to be his

friend. Now I thought you had some video games to buy?"

When we got to the game store Russell was attempting to flirt with a girl which I thought was pretty funny because man did he suck at flirting so I decided to help him out. "Hey so what's your name because my brother Russell right here likes you but he sucks at flirting with girls. "Oh my name is Mariah and your brother is cute i guess but I had my mind on someone else a little bit prettier." Mariah said and winked at me. "Oh umm are you talking about me?" I asked . "Oh course beautiful I like mine with vaginas not dicks. Girls are so much better.Oh my god thinking about you naked, I want to put my face between your pretty little thighs and blow your world." Mariah said and leaned over so her lips were near my ear. "Baby girl I know you want to try it once so just find me and you'll never want to go back to men, because I can blow your mind with my skilled tongue." She said and licked a hot trail along my neck. "Umm, no I'm good I don't do girls I like mine with dicks but I'm not looking for a fuck anytime soon so I'm good." I said and hurried back over to my brother.

"Russell that girl is creepy she was hitting on me and she licked my neck . I need to take a shower soon because now I feel disgusting." I said and Russell just laughed at me. "Let me  go pay for these then we can go met that guy so we can hurry up with the piercings."  Russell said and walked over to the cashier who happened to be a pretty girl, so it took a while for him to get checked out. The girl looked desperate because she kept pulled her top down more to show her cleavage and she leaned over the counter every time she laughed at one of his stupid jokes so that he had a good view down her shirt. I got tired of waiting so I decided to do something about it. "Ok Russell it's time to go baby, you can talk to the desperate girl later but I told you I was going to buy something sexy to wear tonight remember we are going to that  party?" I said and tapped my foot impatiently. "Umm excuse me Russell you didn't say you had a girlfriend! And bitch I'm not desperate ." She said and looked pissed. "Well Bitch you are pretty fucking desperate when you have to pull your shirt down every two seconds so my "boyfriend" can see your boobs. It's not like he cares about you when he can look at me!" I said and the girl turned as red as a tomato. "Yazmen she isn't my girlfriend she is my sister, I promise." Russell said and stared at me. "That's not what you were saying last night, but if you want to be a dick then fine it's over I can't believe you would do that to me after all the bullshit I've  been through with you I was there when you had to have surgery on your ass but you are just going to ignore me and act like you don't even have a girlfriend!!! I can't believe you!" I screamed and ran outside. Russell can running out after me and I was laughing so hard because of the look on his face I fell flat on my ass. "Wow your such a bitch sometimes you know that? And how did you come up with the surgery thing?!" Russell asked but I could see the smile in his lips. "I may be a bitch but your a dick and you love me so let's go. Plus I had to do something to make you leave and I thought that throwing a tantrum in front of the girl you were flirting with would be fun plus she was way too desperate." I said and kissed his cheek. "That's what I want I was going to fuck her then never talk to her again!" Russell yelled and then burst out laughing. Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy but it just made us laugh even more until we were both on the ground.




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