Alex Who?

Raelynn Jo Townslee is new in town and she must start at a new high school in the middle of her Junior year. She doesn't care what people think about her and its that attitude that always lands her in trouble. Every since Kenny (Kennedy) died she gave up on the world and she stopped giving a fuck about what happens around her. Raelynn has had multiply run-ins with the law, she loves the adrenaline that fighting gives her. And her family is almost as fucked up as her. What happens when someone threatens to tear down her walls? What happens when she is all alone?


4. The shop

At 12:27- ish we walked back to Hot Topic to meet up with  Skyler. Just as he promised when my phone said 12:30 he walked out the doors with a skateboard in his hands. "So you guys ready oh and I never caught your names." "I'm Raelynn and this is my older brother Russell." I said before Russell could say something hateful. "Ok Raelynn my best friend is the guy that does tattoos and my girlfriend Blu does the piercings so I can get you a good deal in the price. Plus I was already planning on going to the shop today because I'm getting my tattoo on my back finished." Skyler said as we walked out of the mall and to Russell's car since Skyler just rides his skateboard up here.

The shop looked awesome on the outside it was old-timey and it was called Ink the World. The inside was perfect it had the dark mysterious look but it was still inviting. "Hey Sky, whose the  rainbow chick and brown eyes?" A super hot black haired boy with blue eyes asked. "Oh hey Alex the girl is Raelynn and her older brother Russell. So where is Blu? Rae here wants to get her eyebrow pierced." "Umm she just went out for a smoke , but you should see the tattoo I just gave Taya it's sweet!" Alex said. "I bet you're the best around so you ready to finish this one for me while me wait for Blu to come back?" Skyler asked and laid down on the chair in front of Alex. "So rainbow how old are you cause you look a little bit too rough for your physical size?" Alex asked and that pissed me off. Russell started laughing because he knew I was about to blow up on Alex for saying that. "Ok let's get this fucking straight Alex my name is Raelynn not RAINBOW!!!! And I don't give a fuck what you think because I'm not here to please you and you have NO Idea what my life has been like! I suggest that you shut your fucking mouth." I said. "And just so you know the last guy that messed with her she ended up putting him in the hospital with 3 broken ribs and a ton of bruises." Russell said and smiled because he has seen the evidence of my rage multiply times. "Ok calm down chick I don't give a fuck about you I was just stating the obvious besides its not like you will be around very often so it doesn't matter." Alex said and luckily for him a girl walked in the back door. "Hey Blu, this is Raelynn and she wants a piercing." Skyler said and the girl turned her attention to me. "I'm Blu, so what would you like?" "Umm my right eyebrow." 

After Blu was done with me we said our goodbyes, me and Russell decided that it was time to go home. "So that was fun, we obviously met mr. popular, Alex. And I can tell he is already on your hate list plus you might have just made you some friends." Russell laughed. "Well if your right then I'm must be really unlucky if “Mr. popular”  and me can't get along because that's the group I need to fit into, my last boyfriend was the “mr. popular” of our old school.  I'm going up to my room to paint now." I said and hurried up to my bedroom to put my new clothes away and I got out my sketch book. I use my sketchbook to draw my emotions or feelings. I have several sketchbooks most are pictures of the face that haunts my nightmare, some are the images I remember of the broken bruised girl that used to look back at me in the mirror. Some images are random people I see walking around, some are people I'm close to and others are random places I remember.



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