Alex Who?

Raelynn Jo Townslee is new in town and she must start at a new high school in the middle of her Junior year. She doesn't care what people think about her and its that attitude that always lands her in trouble. Every since Kenny (Kennedy) died she gave up on the world and she stopped giving a fuck about what happens around her. Raelynn has had multiply run-ins with the law, she loves the adrenaline that fighting gives her. And her family is almost as fucked up as her. What happens when someone threatens to tear down her walls? What happens when she is all alone?


10. the fight

~~I climbed up into the ring and Davy removed my black robe from my shoulders and he went to stand in his usual spot beside the ring.My opponent entered the ring causing a bunch of big guys  jumped up and start screaming his name. "Rocky the crusher" I remember him he was the only guy that ever managed to land 7 punches on me in a fight, but I was gonna make sure that didn't happen this time. Rocky smiled at me and I could see the spot where he was missing a tooth from the last time me fought and I managed to knock out his tooth even with his mouth guard in. "Dear little Raelynn we meet again but this time you are going down because I'm prepared for your quick moves and cheap shots." Rocky said. "Oh Rocky that's where you are wrong no one can possibly be prepared for me, you yourself should know that no amount of preparation can help you when I unleash my anger on someone. I thought you have finally witnessed that enough to know that it is something that is not controllable. You've seen most of my fights and I never use the same pattern or else I would be predictable like everyone else, you should know I am anything but predictable." I said and we knocked gloves before the bell rang signaling the fight to start. Rocky tried to land a punch to my face but I blocked and landed a solid hit to his gut. He stumbled back a step or two but regained his balance and came at me again. He managed to land a punch to my jaw and that pissed me off and he knew it too because I saw fear flash in his eyes for a second before he hid it. I was always told when I got pissed off my eyes would turn black. I bounced on the balls on my feet until I got to Rocky and I started slamming punches into his body wherever I could get them to land. When the stumbled back into the ropes I landed an uppercut to his chin and he slumped to the floor knocked out in the first round. The referee came over to me to announce that I was the winner by knock out. Davy walked into the ring and put my robe back on me and took my mouth piece so I could get a drink and talk to him.  "I was gonna try to draw that out longer but when he punched my in the jaw it pissed me off and I just exploded on him. Sorry I know it wasn't a long fight but when I get pissed I can’t control myself." I said to Davy. "Its ok Rae we can just have a longer autograph signing to make up some of the unused time plus it will make more of your fans happy. I don't know if that guy is gonna offer a spot or not but if I were you I wouldn't take the offer." Davy said and looked at me concerned. "I wasn't planning on taking it if he offered because he looks like a dick and he kept staring at me like I was a piece of expensive meat me was waiting to buy. He was kinda creeping me out." I said and we both laughed. Davy agreed about the way the creepy man was looking at me. I sat down at my signing table and Davy got my fans and organized into a line so I could sign their belongs and pictures of me. Towards the end of the line I saw a guy I was pretty sure I knew from school but I knew exactly who him and his friend where when they got up to me and handed me two pictures of me from my last boxing photo shoot. "Hey Raelynn I heard someone talking about this really good boxing girl that fought over her weight limit so I came and I never expected it to be you, but wow you are amazing and uppercut was out of this world!" John, a guy from my school shouted. "Thanks John but please don't tell anyone else, I need it to stay a secret. My mom and Russell don't know I do this and they would kill me or worse ,make me stop." I said and he nodded his head in agreement. "Ok I won’t tell a soul but could you possibly tell me when your next fight is so I can come watch you again because you an amazing fighter." John asked and both him and his friend looked excited. "Ok I'll tell you when it is but I don't have one planned yet." I said and they left. I hurried back to the changing room and pulled my t-shirt back on and stayed in my Nike shorts. I started walking home, when I got inside the house I started to cook dinner before mom and Russell realize that I wasn't here. "I'm going to go get in the shower someone check on the pasta when the timer goes off please!" I yelled as I walked out of the kitchen. "Wait. Raelynn I need to talk to you and your brother." mom called back. I went into the living room where her and Russell were already sitting on the couch staring at each other. I sat on Russell and waited for her to spill her news to us. "Ok kids I know this is going to be hard but we are moving out tomorrow and going somewhere to start new so go say goodbye to everyone tomorrow and we will leave when you guys get home." mom exclaimed with excitement. I can’t believe that I was going to have to leave now that I'm starting to get famous in the illegal boxing network and I'm going to lose Davy who happens to be my first friend since Kenny's death. I just hope this new town has a boxing place and an illegal boxing network or I'll have to run away and come back home to live with Davy just so I can continue my passion.



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