Alex Who?

Raelynn Jo Townslee is new in town and she must start at a new high school in the middle of her Junior year. She doesn't care what people think about her and its that attitude that always lands her in trouble. Every since Kenny (Kennedy) died she gave up on the world and she stopped giving a fuck about what happens around her. Raelynn has had multiply run-ins with the law, she loves the adrenaline that fighting gives her. And her family is almost as fucked up as her. What happens when someone threatens to tear down her walls? What happens when she is all alone?


17. mall and tattoos

We spent about 1 hour at the ice cream shop before we decided to go to the mall. "Davy I want to get another tattoo, it will have a meaning. I need some new jewelry for all my piercings and maybe you might get to meet Skyler. He is pretty cool and Blu, she is absolutely amazing. Skyler was my first friend here and Blu was my second friend. There is also Taya and Jax, they are pretty cool, but I prefer Skyler and Blu." I said as I dragged Davy into the mall entrance. "It seems like you made some pretty good friends here then." Davy said and let me drag him where I wanted to go which happens to be Hot Topic. "Yea but they are like the me I am now, that's why I think I like Emberly so much because she is so much like Kenny. I really do miss the old me, the me that was naïve to how cruel the world really is the me that believed that every person had some good in them. Everything was less complicated back then if you know what i mean. Sorry I'm rambling aren't I?" I said as we walked into Hot topic. I walked over to the case with the jewelry on it and ran right into Skyler. "I'm so sorry ma'am I've been so clumsy today.... Rae it's you I thought you were pissed at all of us because of the way Alex was acting! I'm so glad to see you!!!!" Skyler said  pulling me into a tight hug. "I'm glad to see you too Sky, this is my best friend from back home his name is Davy and Davy this is Sky." I said as the two shook hands. "Sky i need some new jewelry I'm tired of the ones i have right now." I said and looked at the display. I grabbed two new packs of earrings to change all my earrings and a few other things for my other piercings. Skyler's shift was about over so he left with us to go to the tattoo place. Blu was sitting in a chair reading a magazine, while some guy was tattooing a woman's back. "Hey Sky baby! Rae!!!!."  Blu gave me a hug. "Hey Blu! This is Davy my best friend from back home, he is going to be moving up here. Davy this is Skyler's girlfriend Blu." I said and Blu pulled Davy into a hug. "Hey Blu I want to get a tattoo. Would you please introduce me to the artist?" I asked and the door slammed open. "You don't have to worry about talking to Carlos because I'll do your tattoo besides I am better than him." Alex said and directed me to his chair. "Now what tattoo would you like Rainbow?" Alex asked and I suddenly felt really shy to tell him what I wanted. "I umm.. I want a quote under my right boob. 'You can put the pieces of a broken mirror back together but you can still see the cracks' " I recited the quote that described my life perfectly. "I also want a quote on the left side of my rib cage 'Don't go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.' "I recited the other quote that I try to live my life by. "Ok sit down and take off your shirt and bra." Alex said so I did but I made sure to cover my boobs with my arms so that no one got a free show. Alex hesitated and I know that seeing the bandages and cuts/scars kind of threw him off but he didn’t say anything about them instead he placed the gun to my skin and his arm laid across my stomach as he wrote and surprisingly it felt right with his arm resting on my bare stomach, like I belonged to him and him to me. But that could never work because he hates me and I have to act like I hate him too because I'm not letting my feelings get in the way of what I want. When he finished the first quote he moved on to the second one and every time he blew on my stomach so that the ink would dry little goose bumps would form where his breath touched my skin and every once in a while he would laugh at my reaction, which in turn made me blush. After he finished he stood up  to examine his work and he looked pleased with his work. "Ok let me just get you wrapped up with plastic wrap and you will be ready to go and I wouldn't put that sports bra back on for a while cause it will irritate the tattoos." Alex said as the grabbed a roll of plastic wrap and instructed me to sit up as the wrapped it around my body. It was hard to keep my boobs covered when he was wrapping the broken mirror tattoo but he seemed pleased with my struggle because that meant he got to see small parts of my boobs that I couldn't keep covered. After he was done I had Davy stand in front of me to shield me from the eyes of the 3 other guys in the room as I pulled my loose hoodie over my head to cover myself. "Awe come on Rae why didn't you show us a little bit?" Alex asked with a fake pout on his lips. "Sorry asshole put I don't give free shows besides I could find someone better than you if I really wanted to show my boobs off, like maybe I could show Carlos?" I said and acted like I was gonna go flash Carlos. "No you will FUCKING not go show Carlos your boobs!!" Alex said and pulled me against his body pinning my arms to my sides so I couldn't lift up my hoodie. I laughed as i moved out of Alex's grip and back over to Davy's side, who happened to be smiling at me. Alex looked a bit embarrassed from his outburst as his friends laughed at his expense but i personally thought it was sweet. I walked over to kiss his cheek before i grabbed Davy's hand and walked out of the store leaving some money on the counter.


Alex's pov
I don't know why I did that but the asshole with Rae was smiling and my friends were laughing which kinda embarrassed me, but Rae seemed pleased. She walked up and kissed me on the cheek. She placed some money on the counter and grabbed the hand of the man as she walked out of the store. "Man you should have seen your face when you thought she was gonna flash Carlos!!!" Skyler laughed and Blu sat on the floor trying to catch her breath. "Shut up guys I just believe that she is better than going around and flashing random men so i stopped her before she could do something stupid." I said as a blush crept up my cheeks. "I believe that are little Alex has a major crush on our new friend Raelynn but he doesn't want to admit it,and he is afraid to be rejected by her." Blu said. I grabbed the money off the counter and put it away. I walked out of the store to go to the gym to work out. Of course not very many people knew but I liked to box so i went to a boxing gym called Knock Em' Dead. I walked into the changing room and took my clothes off to replace them with shorts and boxing gloves. I walked into the gym and Rae was standing in a tank top and those short shorts she was wearing earlier. She had her hair in a ponytail and there was a pair of boxing gloves hiding her hands. The man from earlier was still with her and he was wearing boxing gloves too and his torso was naked and he had on a pair of red shorts. I walked over to Rae tapped on her shoulder. She jumped and let out a small yelp but smiled after she realized it was me. "Hey Alex what are you doing here?" Rae asked and i smiled at the beautiful girl standing in front of me. "I come here to train for my boxing matches my trainer is Jackson." I said and she blushed. "Me too but my trainer is my best friend Davy." Rae said and pointed to the man that has been with her all day long. I let out a sigh of relief knowing that the man wasn't her boyfriend but instead he was her friend/boxing trainer. "Well i have to go train I have a big match tomorrow I'm so excited!!!" Rae squealed as she ran over to where Davy was  standing. He nodded his head at me and started instructing Rae. "There you are Alex I didn't know if you had decided to skip out or what today. i want you to have a mock fight with the new girl." Jackson said, his son Jason laughed. "What? Fuck no I'm not gonna fight Rainbow!" I yelled and Rae came over to my side. "As much as i would love to beat the shit out of this asshole sometimes he is being nice today so that will have to be a no but find me another one of your fighters and I will willingly beat the shit out of them for you." I looked at the scars and cuts on her bare arms, I noticed some other ones on her ribs earlier when I was tattooing her but they didn't seem like they bugged her, then it clicked Rainbow cuts. "Fine if you and Alex won’t fight then I'm going to get my heavyweight champion out here for you to fight." Jackson said. I was about to tell him to fuck off when Rae laughed. "GO ahead get him I bet I will beat the shit out of him too!" She said and pranced over to the ring waiting for Jackson to get the guy. I went to stand by Rae's trainer, Davy, while Jackson went to find his guy. I made sure I could easily jump in the ring and pull the man off Rainbow if I had to. A big dude entered the ring and Rae smiled as Davy placed her mouth guard into her mouth. "Fight!" Jackson yelled and the big man approached the small figure of Rainbow. He tried to punch her but she blocked him with easy and hit him instead. He landed a good punch to her torso causing the cuts on her ribs to start bleeding. "Look little tough girl cuts." The man said in a voice you would use to talk to a baby. Rainbow looked pissed off. "You probably shouldn't have said that because now my baby girl is pissed and when she gets pissed she is the scariest thing on this earth she becomes a little demon." Davy said. Rae continued to hit the man until he fell to the ring floor knocked out. "Knock out in the 2 round, Raelynn wins!!" Jackson yelled and everyone clapped. Wow Rainbow really good. She walked over to me and Davy, he took the mouth guard out of her mouth and the gloves off her hands as she leaned over the ropes to look at me. "So what did ya think asshole?" Rae asked with a smile on her lips. I smiled back before I answered her. "I think that if you got mad enough at me you could beat the shit out of me and that you also want to go to dinner with me tonight." I said and she blushed. I grabbed the towel i had tucked into my shorts and used it to wipe the sweat off her face which she let me do without complaining.



This had about 30 chapters but I deleted them because I didn't like the direction it was going in but I am working on fixing all the problems in it and I hope to have the fixed version up soon.

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