Alex Who?

Raelynn Jo Townslee is new in town and she must start at a new high school in the middle of her Junior year. She doesn't care what people think about her and its that attitude that always lands her in trouble. Every since Kenny (Kennedy) died she gave up on the world and she stopped giving a fuck about what happens around her. Raelynn has had multiply run-ins with the law, she loves the adrenaline that fighting gives her. And her family is almost as fucked up as her. What happens when someone threatens to tear down her walls? What happens when she is all alone?


6. Ghost Pains

I stared at my drawing of Kenny until my alarm went off so I got up and got dressed. My heart ached with the lose of Kenny and all my old breaks in my bones hurt with the constant reminder of what Clark did to me. I hate my life so much but I wouldn't even wish it on my worst enemies because no one deserves to suffer as much as I do on a daily basis. Russell is the person I'm closest to and he doesn't even understand all of my suffering because I can't bring myself to force the worst parts of my life on my loving brother. So instead like everyday I just try to life for the moment because one think Kennedy taught me was that you never know when your life is going to be over and I don't want to regret mine.

 I decide I'm gonna go find where all the kids hang out and try to make friends with them today so I put on my favorite ripped black skinny jeans and a baggy gray hoodie with my hair pulled over my right shoulder. After searching for about ten minutes I finally find my knee high pink converses and pull them up my legs. "Rus! I'm going in town to go find some new people to hang out with, I'll be back later to cook dinner and remember I start my first day of school here and your first day of this college is tomorrow so don't get drunk, please!" I shout at Russell's bedroom door and then hurry down the stairs before he comes out and says he wants to come with me or something else. I grab my purse and keys of the table and walk out the door, I only turn around to lock the door. I hurry over to my black motorcycle and jump on before Russell realizes my choice of transportation. He gets mad when I drive my motorcycle because I refuse to wear a helmet because it blocks the wind from flowing through my long hair.

When I get into town it seems like all the kids are already meeting up here, each group is in its own spot and they don't talk to each other but its like they all already know what they need to about each other. Everyone looks at me as I pass on my motorcycle and a few of the guys wolf whistle at me but I just laugh and keep driving until I get to the stop where the loners are gathering. I parked my motorcycle and walk over to them, and everyone smiles except Alex who looks kinda pissed off. So of course me being the bitch I am, I walk over to torment Alex. "Aww what's wrong with poor little Alex? Did someone disturb your beauty sleep? Or do I need to kick someone's ass for hurting your feelings?" I asked him using the voice I would use to talk to a baby. "Rainbow you're a bitch and no I don't need a little girl to help me with my problems, I can beat the shit out of that fucker on my own!" Alex says and stares at something over my shoulder so I turn around to see what looks like a football jock humping the air and pretending to make out with someone. I turn around to Alex and laugh. "Ok someone had better tell me that guy isn't meaning me right now or I'm gonna go beat the shit out of his cocky ass!" "I would tell you it isn't but that guy is talking about you because he knows how mad Alex gets when a girl from our group dates someone that's not part of our group or even if they fuck someone that's not in our group." Skyler says and laughs at the horrified look on my face at the realization that the jock really was meaning me. "Ok I'm gonna go whip some cocky jock ass right here so everyone make sure to pay attention so you know not to mess with me." I say and stomp across the road. the jock starts smiling thinking that I've decided that I want him too. "Ok first off wipe that cocky grin off your face because I don't date your type, you're all idiots and only think about yourselves. I only came over here to show you and everyone else what happens when you mess with me." I said and slapped him in the face. He looked pissed so I just smiled up at him. "What's your name emo freak?" "My name is Raelynn but you can call me Rae or Bitch because I respond to either one. Now what is your name?" I said. "My name is Kenny and my twin sister over there is Kennedy." I could feel the tears threatening to fall my eyes, so when my knees got weak I almost fell on my face except Kenny caught me. " Baby I know I'm irresistible but I don't want you on your knees just yet." he said and it pissed me off. "First off you mother fucking dick I don't find anything about you want-able and you are just a cocky jock that thinks he can have every girl he wants but reality check I'm not one of your slutty bitches!" I scream in his face and hit him square in the jaw with my fist. Before he can react my next punch connects with his eye which is sure to be black tomorrow, he grabs ahold of my wrists so I kick him in the stomach and he releases me. "Now don't fuck with me ever again because I bet you wouldn't of been able to survive a week of my life." I say and shove him against the wall when he tries to slap me. "Oh and one more thing if you try to ever hit me again I will make sure you wake up in a hospital bed next time." I said and punch him in the face causing his head to bounce off the brick wall. I walk back over to the group I was with and smile up at Alex. "I think he will control himself now." "I think he will too Rainbow. And after seeing that I must say I respect you now. So have you ever heard of me before?" Alex asked and I looked at him puzzled. "Umm no am I supposed to know who you are?" I asked. "Well I am pretty famous around here even girls from other towns adore me." he said and looked proud. "I've never heard of you and I was a pretty popular around my old home and the areas surrounding it. But that is beside the point I don't care if you're famous I'm not gonna let you or anyone else walk all over me." I said and smiled at him but I could tell I was pissing him off. "Well then Rainbow it looks like I'm good because I don’t care about you either. And you aren't as badass as you want to look, instead you remind me of a little 6 year old girl throwing a tantrum about her mommy not buying her a new Barbie doll." Alex spat back at me. I flipped him off and stormed off to my motorcycle. "Bye Skyler!!Bye Blu!!! it was good seeing you two again. I need your numbers so I can text ya'll." I said and they walked over to give me their cell phone numbers. I sped away  down the road the way I came. My wrists were killing me ever since that dick Ken grabbed them. I could tell there would be bruises but they didn't bug me as bad as the ghost pains that throbbed from my wrists to the rest of my body.




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