Love is stupid...

We both thought that we were going to see them but it turns out into a love, dramatic, hate and caring story about all of us and the boys.


7. (wink wink)

Breeze's POV

Brenda and I were walking to Starbucks and having a girls day out. The boys were at the studio. So we decided to hang out. We went shopping for a little while and got a few things. We walked into starbucks and got 2 cotton candy frappes and sat down. "So you and Zayn get it on yet?" I asked skiddishly. "Well... in the back if the car the night we met them and the night after the date." She laughed. I laughed with her. "What about you and Harry?" She asked perked up "He tried a thing ir two when we were in his room after the shower but i teased him and said i would maybe let him after the date but... i dont know." I sighed and smiled playing with my straw. She said "Well maybe you can give him a little surprise when he gets home later." She smirked drinking her drink acting normal "Really Brenda." I smiled at her shaking my head. "Yes! You need to do that!" "Okay fi-" I got cut off by Brenda pulling me to Victorias Secret next door. "Lets buy you a sexy lingerie Breezeyboo." She said shaking her butt. Shes so pretty and I love her to death but shes so weird haha. She was running around looking at cute lingeries asking me "What about this one?, ooh this one definitely, no this one!" Why was she was so hyped about me and Harry having sex tonight? "How about this one?" I asked. It was black with hot pink polka dots and black laced hipsters. It was really cute. "OH MY GOSH YES." She grabbed it from me and went to go pay. "No. Its mine I pay for it." I said "You pay even when its not yours Breeze. Just let meeee." She pouted like a four year old. "Okay fine." I laughed putting my wallet away. I think her Coffee was kicking in fast. We stopped at a couple other stores and I looked at the time. It was 8:34 pm. Zayn and Harry will be home soon. "Brenda the boys will be home soon. We gotta head out." I said "Okay Im almost done." She picked out one more shirt and and purchased and we left the small outlet. We stayed quiet!

the way home except..

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