Love is stupid...

We both thought that we were going to see them but it turns out into a love, dramatic, hate and caring story about all of us and the boys.


8. first timer

Breeze's POV

We stayed quiet most of the way home except when One Direction would come on. Just because Brenda and I are dating them doesnt mean were still not just as big as fans as we were before. We are even bigger fans now that we know them personally. I really shipped Larry but it doesn't seem its true sadly. But im still happy because I get to date him and not be in the way of Louis and Harry. We were almost home and Another World came on. We both love this song. "Its not me, its not you theres a reason!" We sung together. When we pulled up in the drive way we sat there until the song was over then got out. "You ready to get it with Harry?" She smirked. "Yeah I guess?" I said unsure. I dont know really. I mean it will be my first time and he well... Hes had alot of experience. And I have none. "Brenda?" "Yes?" She asked confused "Was Zayn your first?" "Uhh yeah why?" She wondered "I dont know its just Harry is my first too and you know how experienced he is.." I said embarrassed "I!

t'll be okay Breeze." She said simpathetically. Shes really supportive. Thats another one of my favorite things about her. "Thanks. I hope so. Was it harder than you thought it would be?" I asked her. "YEAH he was really- Oh! You meant the first time erm yeah i guess." She laughed awkwardly. Was she talking about... never mind that. I just hope it turns out okay. "Now go get ready! He will be home soon!" She told me "Yes mom." I joked with her. So i went and 'got ready' and waited in bed. 20 minutes later i hear the door open downstairs. "Oh hey HARRY" Brenda dramatically said even tho I could hear her perfectly.

"Haha hi Brenda, Wheres Breeze?" I heard him ask. "OH shes upstairs." I could tell she was probably smiling giving it all away. Shit. I hear him walking up the stairs towards our room. He walks in and im laying on the bed. He stares me up and down then drops his bag. Damn do i look that good? He stands there for a few more minutes. I think ill play stupid. "What are you starring at?" I asked stupidly. "Your pure sexiness." He said not taking his eyes off me. "Oh this is nothing." I said. "Soo what do you plan on doing in the bed with me?" He says raspily walking towards me. "You wanna build a tent?" I asked "Yeah then we can play hide and seek under it." He smirked now over top of me. "Yeah and keep the light on so we can see." I smiled retardedly. "Dont play dumb with me babe. Im a pro. I know your teasing me." He whispered now our noses touching. "Thats what im most afraid of." I admited quietly. "Wha- What do you mean babe?" Harry said sitting up. "Well... your- your so !

experienced and this is only my first time."

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