Love is stupid...

We both thought that we were going to see them but it turns out into a love, dramatic, hate and caring story about all of us and the boys.


5. Date Night

Breeze' POV

Its 7:57 wheres harry? Then I hear the door open. Its him. I push up my bra and hair then grab my jacket and purse then walk downstairs. DAYUM HE LOOKS SEXY. "WOW. YOU. LOOK. HOT." why did i say that. Im so stupid "I mean-" he cut me off. "I could say the same." He said circling around me looking up and down my figure. He probably thinks i look bad. Then nodded and asked "Ready to go?" "Yeah." I said releived from thinking i looked bad. I tried really hard with this outfit. Dammit. Wait. Oh Brenda and Zayn are probably already there. We got in the car and on the way i asked where he was taking me. "Hush love its a surprise. Now close your eyes or ill have to myself." He giggled. "Fine, Fine." I smiled. I could feel him close to my face checking if i could see. "What are you doing Harry?" I asked "YOU CAN SEE." He yelled playfully "No, no i could just feel your face near mine." I laughed. He didnt respond. "Harry whats wrong?" I worridely asked "Nothin!

g. Its just its not good my breathe stinks on a first datw with you." He miserably said. "HARRY. No you got it all wrong. Your breath smelled good, really. Its just a little wierd when your date is starring at your face while your blindfolded." I laughed near the end of my sentance. "OH GOOD. I thought you wouldnt of gone on another date with me again." He said sadly holding my hand. "Oh were here!" He said quickly after that "Can i take the blindfold off now?" I asked anxiously "Go ahead." He said impatiently waiting. I took it off and we were at Olive Garden. Oh my gosh. This place is so fancy and so expensive. How does he afford this?

So I went on with my question "Harry how do you afford this?" I asked puzzled by the place. "I got my ways babe." He smirked looking at the place also. God he was so handsome. Personally, not just because im going on a date with him or anything but. He is the hottest guy on the planet to me. No joke. I love him so much and hes so sweet and hot and just ugh. "Ready to go in?" He asked "Yeah lets go" i smiled mmmm you can smell the food already. He was holding my hand walking us into the restaurant. He was wearing a black suit buttoned half way so you can see his perfect collar bones, and some of his abes and skinny jeans, and his dress shoes with his cross necklace on. I was wearing a strappless white and faded pink at the bottom colored dress that was tight on my chest to the end of my stomach then flowed down to right past my knees. With black pumps on and curles hair. We got in and he said "Reserved for Styles and Malik." I looked at him mouth dropped. Reservations at olive garden. Wow.

"Really reservations Harry?" He giggled then asked "Yeah why?" "Well this place is expensive enough then you have reservations!" I asked puzzled he didnt know why i was so amazed at this. Then the waitress asked "May i help you?" "Yes reservations for Styles and Malik please." He smiled at me. I smiled lightly still kind of in shock. I mean. Really. Reservations here are almost $150 a person! We followed the lady to the table. Oh my gosh. she took us to a room and it was empty. But there was a Ginormous table filled with food and next to it a table just enough for 4 people. Wow forget $150 more like $300 for this! I wasnt gonna ask him anything else. Oh and at the table was Brenda and Zayn! "Brenda!" I ran over and hugged her, it was a long hug. it was long because we were talking "Dude, how did they afford this? Its almost $300 a person for reservations plus a private buffet!" I said only to where she can hear me. "I know i asked Zayn that and he said he has his ways.." she!

said mysteriously at the end. "What? Harry said the exact same thing in the car! And-" Brenda was starring at them and i looked over too and i didnt know what she was starring at so i followed her eyes and they met- oh god. All you see is a big erection sticking out of their pants and we both ended up starring at their boners. Then Zayn said "Uhh what are you- oh god!" He exclaimed and turned around. Oh shit he caught us starring i stood Brenda and I straight up in a second and our faces turned bright red then we went over to the table and sat accross from each other extremely ambarrassed just starring straight ahead. Then then the boys starred at us in awe. It was like that for a few minutes. Then theyu came over and sat with us. Then Harry said "Well this is embarrassing." Brenda replied "How is it embarrassing for you? You didnt get caught starring at your boyfriends dick." "Its embarrassing because WE were the ones with the boner!" He said harshly in return.

"WELL SORRY IF YOU SO 'EMBARRASSED' HARRY!" Brenda yelled and crossed her arms looking away. Then he yelled something I didnt expect at all "WELL IM SORRY BREEZE WAS STARRING AT ZAYN, YOUR BOYFRIENDS DICK!" This is going on because of me? I ran outside and sat on the steps. Taking in some air. Why do I ruin everything. Now my best friend and the love of my life hate each other. All because of me. I started crying quietly for about 5 minutes. I bet they are killing eachother by now. All of a sudden I hear someone running out here. I quickly go and hide behind a pole. Harry. He sat down on the stairs and he said "Why does she hate me, why do I ruin everything. She doesnt deserve me!" He yells starting to cry then he pulls out a pocket knife and is about to cut!

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