Love is stupid...

We both thought that we were going to see them but it turns out into a love, dramatic, hate and caring story about all of us and the boys.


1. Crazy meeting

     Hello there my name is Breeze Brown, I have long blonde shiny hair like the sun and light hazel eyes like milk chocolate kisses.

         I'm not short or tall and I'm 18 and I love to sing but no one knows not even my best friend, Brenda we've know each other since fourth grade. She's 19, she just turn 19 two days ago so I bought her one direction tickets and also she's super pretty she has long light brown hair. She's like my heigh but a bit taller and has beautiful light green eyes.

NSo this is how me and Brenda's love story began... 

            I was at a concert with Brenda...                           


          Then the next tour came and I went. I was in the very last row. And there is a small room connected behind the last seats just like in movie theaters. Liam and Niall weren't there. I don't know why. Then we took a break like they do at concerts and i stayed. I wasn't hungry or anything. But then. Harry walked out of the door beside the last seat i was in that lead to the small room. My mouth dropped. Then i said "Harry can i please get a picture with you?" Then we took like 10 pictures then he left to go back to the stage. I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM i kept saying in my head. He was wearing his greenish beanie. Then they continued the concert. After that me and Harry talked more. Brenda talked to Zayn. Harry introduced me to the other boys and Zayn introduced Brenda. They were hitting it off. And I'm pretty sure me and Harry were too. Then Brenda and I ended up driving to the store with Harry, Louis, and Zayn. We chatted in the car about how me and Brenda fangirled over them. We got to the store it was closed. I said "Its closed should we go?" Then the boys exchanged mischievous looks. Brenda said "No Zayn, we will get arrested" Louis said "Its okay love were professionals" he smirked. I could believe that. So i agreed. Harry asked me "You in?" His eyes looked pleadingly at me. I didn't want to. "Uhh.." then Harry put his hand on my leg and said "Pleaaaaasse" Yup that did it. "Okay okay. Come on Brenda." Then Zayn grabbed her hand and zoomed over to hack into the system. We got in. I started walking down the aisles while Louis was looking for Kevin and Zayn was wondering off with Brenda. Then so often i would see Harry on the other side of the Aisles i was walking by. He would smirk at me. He is sooo hot. I kept thinking then i ran down an aisle and tackled him to the floor. We started laughing together then we stopped and starred at each others eyes and he said "Breeze..." i said "Harry.... i.."



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