Love is stupid...

We both thought that we were going to see them but it turns out into a love, dramatic, hate and caring story about all of us and the boys.


4. A Year Later


Breeze's POV

Then we went in the house and louis wasnt there. "Wheres Louis?" I asked harry "I dont know maybe in the backyard." He said with a confused look. We started looking for him for about 5 minutes then harry yelled "Found him!" I went over and harrys at what i think louis room door is. He whispered "Listen." He smiled and i put my ear to the door. Really Louis. Really. "You hear it?" He giggled quietly "Yeah oh my god whos in there?" I asked. "You dont know?" He looked really confused "Eleanor?" I asked also confused

"Yeah" he said putting his ear back to the door.

"Lucky girl" i said almost talking to myself

"What?" Harry asked standing up and not listening to their scene anymore.

"I said lucky girl?" I asked once again confused

"You think shes lucky?" He paused for a moment !

"To- to be in there with- with Louis?" He said sadly while pointing to the door. Why is he sad?

"Yeah i mean louis is really handsome and funny and has awesome eyes and is really strong and has a great personality" i said "Oh." He said looking straight ahead behind me. I am soo confu- wait. "Harry?" He just stood where he is. I got what he meant. "Why dont you love me?" His voice cracking. "Harry. I do. I love you more than anything." He sniffed "Then why did you say that about Louis?"

I held his face and starred straight into his beautiful eyes "Harry. I loved everyone out of the band as much as louis. But you were Always my favorite. You are so strong and your tattoos are extremely sexy. And you have the best smile ever. Just like when you won that award for best smile 3 years ago. And your hair, oh. My. God. Your hair. Is so amazing. I love your hair. Its just so perfectly whipped curls to the side. Their seducing. And your eyes. They are just the perfect green. I love everything about you Harry. Never change anything." I smiled still starring in his eyes Then his eyes just widened and he said "Really?" I could see a sexy grin start to appear that i love so much. Then he said "Breeze..." and paused i replied saying "Harry." Then he grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. A put my arms around his neck and it wasnt a sex starting kiss. But was a long romantic one. I opened my eyes and Brenda is watching us from behind Harry around the corner and beside her, Zayn. Brenda mouthed to me -Zayn just asked me to be his girlfriend!bI nodded my head in excitement and i think Harry felt it. "Whats wrong love?" He smiled at me. "Oh nothing i just got chills from that amazing kiss." I smiled back. He kissed me once more then said "Can you go out with me? Saturday at 7:30?" "I would love to go on a date with you Harold." I said poking his perfect nose. "Great! Im gonna go get a shower be back in a little k babe." "K." I said trying to act normal then me and Brenda ran to Harrys room and shut the door and she blurted out,"Oh my god you guys are going on a date! So are me and Zayn! The boys planned it a week ago zayn told me!"

Wow. It took em a year. "Thats awesome!" I exclaimed "Yeah so- wait we need to go shopping for sexy dresses for the date!" Brenda said sassily. "Okay okay fine." I giggled. Then she pulled trying to get me out of the door then Harry bumps into us. Dammit i forgot this is HIS room. Fuck.

"Sorry Harry." I said awkwardly looking down trying to get out of his way then Brenda was already out and harry said "Wait. I wanna talk to you." He smirked and Brenda gave me a big smile and thumbs up. Oh god. Harry closed.his door and was about to take off his towel then said cheekily "No peeking Breeze." I just realized i was starring at him thinking take it off take it off. Im such a whore. He said "Okay now you can look" i was afraid he had nothing on. I peeked. Okay hes clothed. "Your slow in showers but fast clothing yourself." I smirked "Well as you know i take my clothes on and off very often." He said trying not to laugh. "Well Mr.Styles my appoligies but you in just a towel is a big tease for me." I said also still smirking." "Is it now? Well i guess ill just keep it on longer." He said walking towards me. Then he leaned in trying to push me onto the bed "Not so fast." I said putting my hand on his chest and pushing him back. "And why not?" He smiled patiently

"Just to tease you right back." I said getting up and walking out of his room. As i was about to do so i looked back for a second and looked at his face. Ha. Priceless. Then said "Sorry Styles. You'll just have to wait til tomorrow." Then i left and walked to Brendas room and heard her and Zayn watching a movie. Aww cute. I wonder where Harry is taking me for the date.

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