Blood for Blood

We were bound by the past. Our fates intertwined. he was meant to find and protect me but would i be his undoing. Leah-Rose Tate is your average girl working a crappy full time job, trying to make it through college. Marcus Sebastian Davenport is heir to the throne of a vampire race. A vampire race that at any second could be at the brink of war with the werewolves. With his father's time coming to an end it's up to him to protect his race. In order to do that he must first find his mate and awaken his powers fully.


3. 3

“Shhh everything is going to be okay. I won't let anything happen to you.”



Beep, beep, beep, beep. What's that incessant beeping sound I thought to myself as I struggled to open my eyes. I was met with bright fluorescent light when I managed to open my eyes . I lifted my hand to shield my eyes, when the tubes came into view. The beeping sound increased as I started to panic, and struggle to remove the needles from my arm and the thing that was stuck in my throat.



“Ms. Tate what are you doing? I need help in 107.”



The woman came over and attempted to put back in bed. I thought I was getting the upper hand until to hands grabbed me and placed me in bed. I thrashed about until I suddenly became weaker. I fell back against the bed, staring up at the ceiling through hazy eyes as faces loomed over me.



“Ms. Tate my name is doctor Hamilton,” he spoke as he shined a flashlight into my eyes. “I'll go ahead and take out the tube for you. You seem to breathing just fine on your own. Get some rest and I will be back to check on you later.”


My eyes fluttered closed but opened again once I felt the tube being slid from my throat. I wanted to move my lips but whatever they shot me up with was doing it job. I felt numb and disoriented, the nurse patted my arm and left the room. I don't know when it happened but I fell asleep again. I opened my eyes and I was laying on the couch in the white room again. I stood looking around trying to piece together what was happening to me. Vampire's mate. Yeah right. I was pacing trying to get rid of any ideas or thoughts that wanted to believe that man, when I saw it. It was faint but definitely there, a shimmery mist of some sort. I reached my hand out to touch, it was cool and calming. I put my other hand in and before I knew it I was staring at my body in the hospital bed. Then I wasn't there anymore. I could only imagine that this is what it felt like to be sucked up by a vacuum and being spun round and round again. I finally stopped. I fell on something soft, I shook my head and opened my eyes. I was in a bed. Why was I in a bed? I sat up and turned around coming face to face with the man from before. He appeared to be sleep so I took the time stare at him silently, and take in his features. He had curly medium length dark chestnut hair. His skin was slightly pale, pink pouty lips that looked kissable. I really didn't need to think about kissing him, cause I couldn't ever see that happening.


“It's impolite to stare,” he said opening his eyes to fix me with a steely blue stare.



I fell back on my but startled, I quickly composed myself though. I had questions that needed to be answered. “ How am I here?” I asked cocking my head to the side.



He stared at me unblinking challenging me to look away. I held my own waiting for him to answer.



“ I don't understand?”



I wait for him to elaborate but nothing else comes from him. He brakes eye contact with me to pour more of some golden honey colored liquid in to his glass.



“ You don't understand what?” I ask my voice raising slightly.



He doesn't understand. What the hell doesn't understand, I'm the one with the questions he came after me. I swallowed the down the hysteria that I felt building up. We weren't going to get anywhere if I started yelling and shrieking. I sighed and looked over just as he ran his fingers through his glossy hair. I bet it's soft, I wanted to my run my own fingers through it. Reign it in Leah you need answers I goaded to myself.



I thought I was going crazy,” he stopped massaging his head to look at me. “ I genuinely did, I got a head shrink and everything. But you're real aren't you? You're fucking real, a creepy dream stalker.”


Tears are stinging at the back of my eyes but I dare not let them fall. I take a deep breath to steady my self before I get off the bed and slowly walk over to where he sits. He never takes his eyes off me watching me for sudden movements. I stick out my hand and cup his cheek, his eyes flutter close as he leans into my hand. “ I'm not crazy you're real aren't you?” I ask, as if me touching him confirms my suspicions that I'm not totally bat shit crazy.



“Yes and you're human.”



We say nothing more as if everything that needs to be said has been said. He holds my hand that cups his cheek, I use my other hand to gently run my fingers through his curls. They're soft just like I thought they would be. The silence stretches on and even though it's comfortable I'm itching to know what this is all about. I take my hand from his face and open my mouth to speak, but before I can say anything more he speaks.



“I know that you're confused but things will be okay,” he suddenly stands. “ I'm coming for you and I'll explain everything then,” he takes my face in his hands and caresses my lip with his thumb. That single gesture sends shivers down my spine. “ I know where you are now. Wait for me.”



Just like that he begins to fade away and I'm struggling trying to grasp at the frayed pieces of him. I wake up gasping in my bed, sweat beads on my forehead. The realization that I never showed up for work hits me and that I will probably fired. That's okay though right because supposedly I'm waiting for my night in shinning armor to come rescue me. Who needs a job at a crummy dinner.



Certainly not this girl. Yeah right.

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