Blood for Blood

We were bound by the past. Our fates intertwined. he was meant to find and protect me but would i be his undoing. Leah-Rose Tate is your average girl working a crappy full time job, trying to make it through college. Marcus Sebastian Davenport is heir to the throne of a vampire race. A vampire race that at any second could be at the brink of war with the werewolves. With his father's time coming to an end it's up to him to protect his race. In order to do that he must first find his mate and awaken his powers fully.


2. 2

I sat in my fathers chambers staring at his sleeping form. His skin was no longer a pale white it had changed to an ashen gray color. His arm was hooked up to a tube feeding blood into his veins to keep him alive. He was to weak to hunt on his own anymore. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. This wasn't the man I knew growing up only a shell of his former self.


“Sitting here sighing and staring at my weak body is not going to fix your problems and make them go away. You have work to do why aren't you doing it?”


There was nothing I could say that would make my father understand that I was scared of loosing him. It was just my dad and me. Why couldn't he understand that I was doing everything to please him. He was a stubborn old goat who believed in getting things done, and worrying about feelings later.


“You're right I shouldn't be sitting here worrying about you when there are hundreds of others counting on me to protect them.” I made a move to stand, but he signaled for me to sit.”


“Look I know you care, but my time is coming to an end. Yours is just beginning. You have a clan to look after. When I'm gone I won't be the one you need to try and please. You can't please everyone it's all about making the right decisions, choices. Have you found her?”


“No but the link is established,” I say shifting in my seat.


“That's a step I suppose, but it's not enough. There's only two weeks left until we meet about the treaty and in my weakened state, you're going to have be show we are not weak. I'm sure I have to tell you that they might not want to sign another one. Have you seen the girl at least?”


“No,” I say letting my head rest against the chair. “ She's hidden from me some how, I don't know. Every time I reach out for her she runs, it doesn't help that we are in complete darkness either.”


“I've never heard of anything like that happening before. If she's a vampire she should feel the pull and try to link with you.”


“Well that's not happening. She sees me and runs every time.”


“Let me get this straight, she can see you but you can't see her? How is that possible?”


“I don't have an explanation for you if you don't have one. Every time I find her she's already scared out of here mind” I say running a hand through my hair once again.


“Have you tried talking to her?”


“No before I can say anything to her she's taken off toward some blinding bright white light.”


“So change that. If it happens the same every time you know what she's going to do. So predict her movements.




“Send Xavier to me we have work that need to be done, and you have a mate to find,” that was his way of saying this conversation was over.


I left my fathers room and went to look for Xavier, he was my fathers right hand man. I sometimes felt like father trusted him more than he trusted me. As I reached Xavier's study ready to knock on the door it was thrown open. A slightly anxious looking Xavier stood in front of me. Started by his expression I momentarily forgot my purpose for coming.


“Are you alright Xavier,” I asked my brows furrowing together?


“Yes I am fine. Did you need something?” he asks straightening an already perfect tie.


“Ah no I just came to tell you that my father would like to see you. He said you two had business to attend to.”


“Right I'll be on my way then.” he took off without a word to me. There was definitely something going on with him, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I would have to discuss it with father later.


I made my way back to my room and flopped down onto my king sized bed. I had my own things to worry about I couldn't fret over Xavier. I ran my hands through my hair pulling at the roots to ease the tension building in my head. I took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. I didn't need to concentrate hard to find the link just thinking about it instantly brought us together, even if she wasn't accepting me. I felt the connection my mind merging with hers, now all she had to do was stay calm. It wasn't dark this time, we were in an all white room with no doors. She sat on a white leather sofa legs tucked underneath. She had yet to notice so I took my time taking in her appearance. Shorts and a tank top covered her ebony skin complexion. She was small and cute no taller than 5'4 I suspected. She had yet to notice my presence and while I wanted to continue to take in her lovely features, there was work to do. It was time to make my presence.


“Hello I'm,” I began to say but I couldn't finish my sentence as her head snapped up, and the sheer look of terror flashed in her eyes. I could see the rise and fall of her chest, hear the sound of her heart thundering behind her breast bone. Before she could scream I crossed over to her and placed a hand over her mouth. “ Please be calm, I'm not going to hurt you,” she shook her head in disbelief at my statement and mumbled something into my palm.


“Yes I only want to talk. Can we talk?”


She had stopped shaking in my arms and instead sat motionless. After what seemed like minutes passing but were only seconds she nodded her head yes.


“I'm going to remove my hand now, no screaming.”


When she nodded her head again I cautiously removed my hand preparing for her to scream. She was quiet as promised neither of us saying anything, trying to adjust to the situation. She had an oval shaped face with large chocolate brown eyes you could get lost in.


“I'm Marcus,” I said my voice coming out loud making me flinch.


“I'm Leah-rose, but you can just call me Leah”


Her voice was soft and sweet I felt in that moment I could listen to her talk for hours.


“It's really nice to finally met you, or rather it's nice to talk to you.” I know it's probably making her uncomfortable but it just feels right with her in my arms and our minds becoming one. The link will be stronger once she accept me.


“What are you talking about? What link?” she asks turning around to look me in the eyes.


Her chocolate brown eyes are staring me down, probing me, looking for answers.


“Do you know what you are to me?”


Her eyes are unblinking as she waits for me to continue.


“You're my mate and I'm yours,” I say tightening my arm around her torso.


“How are you even able to be in my mind right now?” She ask squirming in my grip.


“Every vampire is able to find his or her half.”


She questions me like she doesn't know her thin straight eyebrows knitted together.


“You're, you're a vampire?”


I see the panic rise in her eyes again. “You're not real, your kind don't exist,” she tells me.


“Now I'm confused what do you mean we don't exist?”


Hysterical laughter escapes her mouth, “ There is no we, just you and your delusions. I'm all human.”


I release my grip on her and she stands moving away from me, her eyes look crazy. It can't be true. She's lying, but as I stare into her scared eyes I know she's not.


“What do you mean, you're human?”


I see her mouth begin to move but before she can say anything a voice begins to scream.


“Get out Get out! Get out Get out!”


I reach out my hands toward Leah trying to bring her close to me, but she's disappearing. Leaving only the echoing screams of get out. So that's what I do. I open my eyes and sit up in my bed emptying the contents of my stomach into the trash can next to it. I didn't think finding my soul mate would be this hard or leave my brain raw and burning like a skinned knee.

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