We're a hot MESS

Ava Locklear used to be Louis Tomlinson's BFF and girlfriend. They split apart when he left for the x- factor. 2 years later Ava becomes a Hollister model and becomes friends with a girl her age named Eleanor Calder. Turns out Eleanor is Louis present girlfriend. What happens when Ava and Eleanor play truth or dare and they get to the questions about dating? what happens when Eleanor takes her 'best friend' Ava to meet her boy friend? will Ava be mad with Louis because of the past or will she just focus on the present? Will she fall in love with another boy?


1. Ava

'Ava' meaning: Life, Blooming, Birdlike. Louis once told Ava that her name means bird like and its true because and i quote  "you are bird like because people let you go and you fly away but if you love them then you fly right back and build a nest with them". Well Louis let her go... Is she coming back?

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