One Direction in Harry Potter 3

It's been a year. A year of loss and death. Haley and Liam are still going strong. But Haley's heart is darkening. She becoming a different person. Voldemort, oh sorry I mean He Who Must Not Be Named, wants Haley to be a death eater. Haley doesn't want that. What happens when Voldemort, sorry again He Who Must Not Be Named, finds out Haley's weakness and uses it against her. Will she stay strong or will she give in? (Trilogy in the One Direction in Harry Potter series)


8. Chapter 7


The next few days were uninteresting really. Haley has been watching after Liam, Niall and I take turns looking after each other but its mainly me taking care of him by my choice. Shannon and Louis are on a break for the moment which has kind of put a downer mood on all of us, she won't come out of her room and he is barely in the house. Emily and Harry have had the hard job of trying to put them back together. Zayn has been in the room mainly with Shannon but every time he comes out he says nothing just to go back in.

"Jess." Albus spoke softly, resting a hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay?"

I sigh tiredly. "Not really Albus... but thanks for asking." He nods and runs up the rickety stairs towards Haley and Liam's bedroom. I make a b-line for the front door, passing the kitchen where Mr and Mrs Potter sat in the hard chairs. Mrs Potter was sobbing while Mr Potter rubbed her back soothingly. It didn't seem to help though she was still violently shaking occasionally spitting out hiccupped sentences. I hung my head and quickly grabbed my coat. I threw open the door in a fit of rage and it was closed just as fast. I stood on the top of the hill and screamed at the top of lungs. Birds scattered from tree tops while deer bolted from their grass patches. I grabbed my hair in my hands, still screaming while I walked in circles.

I stood in the centre of the hill my breathing heavy and my eyes closed. The opening and shutting of the door was almost inaudible to me until I felt a light hand on my shoulder. I open my eyes and turn around until I meet the eyes of Shannon. "Quick we don't have much time. Emily's proving a struggle to hold back, Haley's doing the best she can." I gave a small laugh at the dramatic affect stuffed into her words. I examined her; red puffy eyes, brown hair tied up into a knot on her head, her thick black rimmed glasses, baggy sweat pants and tank top plus the horrid... CROCS!

"You look like shiz." She sits down on the grass before taking the horrid shoes off and throwing them away.

"Thanks." I take a seat beside her. "I heard you screaming."

I nod. "You did in deed."

"You want to talk about it?" I looked around making sure no one was eavesdropping but all I saw was Zayn jogging round the side of the house with a pair of converse in his hands.

"Hello ladies." He chucked the shoes at Shannon while taking the spot beside me on my other side.

"Never mind him." Shannon shoves his shoulder from behind me not having an effect on the muscly boy. "Continue."

"Well..." I start thinking about what actually is wrong. "For starters you two plus mr Tomlinson have been stressing me out."

I turn to her and give her my infamous stare down stare. She rubbed her irritated eyes and laughed a little. "Something's just don't work out."

"But in all seriousness just everything in general... hiding plays a big role then your Daddy showing up out of the blue. I miss the old Haley and I miss Hogwarts. Its as if freedom has been ripped away from us, or its oblivious to our existence..."

"Come with us then." Zayn stood wiping grass from his butt off and back onto the ground.

I stood up quickly. "Where are you going?"

"To the woods." Shannon spoke up from behind a bush from where she emerged wearing a black, cut 'I've been slimed' Ghost Buster's top, ripped jean shorts and black converse. Her hair had been let down her back, resting on her but. "I love being a witch."

"You two are going to get me killed." I spit my words through gritted teeth. "I need to get changed first."

"No need." With a flick of her wand a pile of clothes levitated down out of her open window. I grabbed them from her and get changed behind the bush she just emerged from.


I sigh walking round the table with the plan spread out on it and gave a grunt before forcefully throwing myself into a nearby chair. I take out my wand and examine it. "Luminos." I whisper making a small light appear from my precious wand. I watch it intently before three sharp knocks were pressed onto the wooden door. "Come in."

The door creaks open to reveal a large black dog. Sirius. "Black." I sneer. "I thought we made it clear that you are unwelcome here."

The dog morphed into a middle aged man who I would've imagined to be handsome in his younger years and even more so now if it weren't for the stress lines littering his face. "I want to see my daughter."

I shook my head and stood to my feet to match his height, it didn't really work since I'm quite a bit shorter than him. "I would like to show you something. You can not lie for I will be insde your head, looking through your eyes if you will."

"What are you going to do to me?" A worried tone bled into his words. "I'm surprised of your welcome. I thought your boyfriend or your Dad would be called by you already."

"Trust me." I walk to the corner of the room where a long rectangular shape had been covered by a cotton cloth curtained with dust. I pull it off sending off a cloud of dust into the air. "You are not welcome here but it has came to my attention of the absence of my friend so I am willing, just barley willing, to know the truth."

He walks up behind me to face the mirror, in it I see me and Liam holding hands in the halls of Hogwarts nothing but an empty corridor behind us. I got what it meant, I desired peace. Another body was coming into the picture, I could just make it out as... Lilly. There she stood smiling up at me in a pretty white dress adorned with blue flowers across her waist. She looked perfect standing there. I could of stood and stared all day at that mirror but Sirius broke my trance.

"The mirror of Erised." He spoke gently while caressing the frame so softly it was as if he though it brake with one touch to hard. "What did you see?"

"Nothing of your concern, chip-chop lets see what you desire." I moved aside letting him in to see his reflection. with the tip of my wand placed on his temple a small spell was casted, un-blurring his desires to me. There he stood in this room with Shannon under his arm, a woman with white blonde hair by his side. the sides were filled with James and Lilly with Dad and a man I know as Remus Lupin and his wife.

"The old gang back together." He sighed. "The woman with the white hair is my wife, Amelia. She passed when Shannon was one years old, I was in Azkaban unable to father my child. I hated every moment knowing that she was being raised a lie..."


AN Another chapter for y'all! Sorry I didn't update earlier I was involved in an accident but I'm fine now and I can update again woo hoo!



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