One Direction in Harry Potter 3

It's been a year. A year of loss and death. Haley and Liam are still going strong. But Haley's heart is darkening. She becoming a different person. Voldemort, oh sorry I mean He Who Must Not Be Named, wants Haley to be a death eater. Haley doesn't want that. What happens when Voldemort, sorry again He Who Must Not Be Named, finds out Haley's weakness and uses it against her. Will she stay strong or will she give in? (Trilogy in the One Direction in Harry Potter series)


7. Chapter 6


We all sat on the tattered couches, body shatteringly tired from the previous events that happened just a few moments ago. "What do I not know? What do we not know?" Emily spoke up angrily that one of her best-friends was hurting right now for an unknown reason... maybe just maybe more than one were. Jess was now aware of the situation, now also recovered from her blow to the head. Niall was filling in the girl as best as he could through the pain. I seethed at how this man showed up, hurt my friends and caused us all of this pain without even muttering two sentences.

Shannon sniffed and lifted her head from her boyfriends shoulder. "What do we not know? and... what was I?"

"Maybe we should wait until morning don't you think." Louis suggested. "It'll be easier."

Shannon looked furious, matching Emily and I's expressions. "No Louis!" She roared. "It will not be easier!"

"Shannon..." Jess sighed sympathetically. "We'll figure this-" She was cut off by the door being rattled.

I growled and pushed myself up from the diagonal position I had made myself comfortable in by leaning on the door frame. I marched to the door and flung it open to reveal an owl. As soon as it had a chance to it flew into the room, taking refuge next to Dad.

Dad sighed and looked down at his warn out hands. "Maybe we should tell them."

Mum nodded, agreeing with her partner. "Shannon."

"Your adopted." Shannon burst out into a fit of laughter, while everyone else's face paled quite quickly.

I cough. "Shannon I don't think this is a joke."

"Of coarse it is." I can see it sinking into her face, the realisation sinking in. "Your joking aren't you? Don't tell me I've lived in a world of lies for all of my life!"

"I'm sorry, we're not..." Mum sighed. "Your dad... well he's..."

"Sirius Black." Louis mutters standing beside his girlfriend as if to protect her. "That's why he was here! That's why he broke into the house! That's why whenever we're with Shannon there's that black dog!"

"You saw it too?" Harry asked, looking down at Emily.

"Everybody did, it's just we were all to frightened to say anything about it."


Oooooo drama! I hope you liked it guys! Another update, so soon may you ask? Well the answer is simple... BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! I can't wait to see where the other authors take it next...


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