One Direction in Harry Potter 3

It's been a year. A year of loss and death. Haley and Liam are still going strong. But Haley's heart is darkening. She becoming a different person. Voldemort, oh sorry I mean He Who Must Not Be Named, wants Haley to be a death eater. Haley doesn't want that. What happens when Voldemort, sorry again He Who Must Not Be Named, finds out Haley's weakness and uses it against her. Will she stay strong or will she give in? (Trilogy in the One Direction in Harry Potter series)


6. Chapter 5


I run after the dark 'shadow creature' unsure of what will happen to me once I do catch it. Mum was tending to Jess, unaware of my escape. I see Dad on the couch talking to Albus on the couch. All I heard was something like, 'He's back'. Who? I am completely unaware of. I run out to the top of the hill to see two black dogs circling with each other, the pairs teeth wear bared and unkind snarls vibrated through them. One of them were slightly bigger than the other but nonetheless the smaller gave a growl just as loud, both had golden eyes glaring into each other. One came to my side, hackles up radiating a sense of protection. The bigger dog shifted into a standing position taking the shape of a human male. He had curly brown hair and a brown moustache that shaped into an additional beard. "Sirius." I growl stepping infront of the dog before it warningly bit my trouser leg. In a flash Mum and Dad had joined the dog in protecting me.

"Who's the dog?" Mum whispered to me.

I give a shrug. "I don't know."

I look at the smirking Sirius. "She's not a dog."

The black dog done the same as Sirus but took the place of Shannon. "You better get out of here and stay away from my friends."

"She doesn't know does she? Neither does anyone else do they Harry?" Dad sighed.

"What don't we know?" Louis growled coming over to a growling Shannon, wrapping her in a hug.

Emily stormed out of the house in a rampage of fury. "Okay, what's going on!" She bawls up her small fists. "HARRY!"

Harry's footsteps are heard stampeding down the stairs.  "You... What are you doing here!"

"Well-" I cut the imposter off.

"You can't just come here and hurt our friends! You may be my Father's godfather, but to me you'll always be a traitor!"

"Calm down Haley." Niall cringed lifting up his none injured arm. "He's not worth your rage."

He stands in front of me and starts to walk up towards the man.

"Leave." Sirus looked towards an almost sobbing Shannon. He took his former form and ran off into the woods.

"What- What's going on." Jess staggered out into the snow.  "I heard noise."

"It's fine Jessica." Mum whispered guiding her back into the house. "We'll tell you later."

"Haley..." Shannon cries throwing herself at me. "I don't- don't know anything anymore."

Emily starts to shake. "It seems like none of us do. It took its toll on us, some harder than others..." She pushes past me to be in Harry's warmth. Shannon does the same and latches herself onto Louis.


Hey guys its Shannon again. Ahh I think I really like this chapter! I would've updated earlier but I wasn't sure if Jessica wanted to update since she may have ideas but she gave me permission too and I'm so glad that she did. I can't wait to see your comments and suggestions. Love y'all, see you next time.





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