One Direction in Harry Potter 3

It's been a year. A year of loss and death. Haley and Liam are still going strong. But Haley's heart is darkening. She becoming a different person. Voldemort, oh sorry I mean He Who Must Not Be Named, wants Haley to be a death eater. Haley doesn't want that. What happens when Voldemort, sorry again He Who Must Not Be Named, finds out Haley's weakness and uses it against her. Will she stay strong or will she give in? (Trilogy in the One Direction in Harry Potter series)


5. Chapter 4

Hai guys , Well i'm Jessica and yes if you may be asking as in Jessica the one dating Niall in this fanfic , I am her cx , Well I was just added as a co author by Grace , Grace is like my idol , So I may have ..Kind of...Fangirled when she added me ...Okay maybe I did a lot. Lol anyways i'm kind of new to this so , i'd like to apologize if you find this chapter crappy :( . Anyways hope you like it ! AND HERE WE GO !!!   Okay i'm scared , Sorry , Fine , FINE , FINE!!! I'll write now c: ~Jess 

(Haley's p.o.v)
 I heard Liam wince in pain as dad popped Liam's shoulder back to it's original place , I tried ignoring the groans that came out of his mouth by talking to Shannon , Jess, and Emily . " So , Grace, We all kind of noticed that you've changed since ...'Her' death ." Emily said . I look at Jess and Shannon and see their heads nodding in agreement , I don't wan't to tell them i've changed, That i'm not the old Haley , That this new Haley is much more ..I don;t know what to even describe myself as, I guess you can say i'm dark? Yeah dark, That's right. I was suddenly awakened from my trance as I hear Shannon scream " HALEY !!!" Oh god how strong are that girls vocal chords? I mean wow , She screamed so loud ! "Huh?" I simply say confused. " You zoned out as soon as Emily told you how you have hanged, Is everything okay?" I couldn't just tell them that yet , Maybe i'll tell them later when it's more of an appropriate time , So for now I guess i'll just have to lie to them. " Oh sorry I was thinking about..Liam , If he's alright and you know , And yes i'm fine just a little tired" I simply say fake yawning. "Go take a nap then!" Shannon tells me. I nod and say goodnight to them I leave them to go to Liam and I's room. I think of what a very long day it is and soon start to drift away into the magical land of dreams.

( Shannon's p.o.v) 
I walk back to Louis and I's room , Just as I was about to enter our room , I see dark shadowy past right beside me . I shrugged it off and just simply went to get ready for sleep , As I walked out of the bathroom and into my bed , I trip over something...It's a note..I scream in terror as see something move from under my bed . I back away from my bed slowly but start calming down as I see it's just a bird, A strange bird i've never seen before, But as I tried getting a closer look at it , It fly's away leaving me alone . I soon realized it's late and I have to be going to sleep , But what I find odd is how Louis isn't back in our room yet.. I guess he's hanging with Harry or something, So I simply start drifting off to sleep . 

(Emily's p.o.v) 
I walk back to Harry's and I room too find a very cute and attractive Harry sleeping , I notice something on his face , Something I never seen . I get closer to Harry , only to see Harry turn his back to me. I went to the bathroom to check if what I left earlier in there was there , But as I walk in , I see a black shadow speed out of the bathroom and get closer to Harry , I scream in terror and start running to Harry as I think that shadow could hurt Harry , But only to see the shadow run out . Strange , I thought. What could have that meant? I jump a little when I feel someone pull me into a my bed , I was soon brought into Harry's chest , Oh how I treasured this moment . I soon started to get sleepy and realized my eyes beginning to feel heavy so I simply go to sleep.

( Jessica's p.o.v) 
As I start walking to Niall's and I room , I start to see a strange shadow , and start wondering if I should run away or tell someone , But my thoughts were interrupted as I see Mrs.Potter walk out of her room and start walking towards me , Did I do something wrong? Is Niall hurt badly? NO NO NO NO , NOT MY PRECIOUS NIALL! I open my mouth to say something but wince in pain as Mrs.Potter pushed me to the wall . WHAT THE F***?! Why did she just push me to the wall? I try to get up but I see Mrs.Potter screaming at me " JESS GO RUN AND TELL THE OTHERS THAT -" He didn't get to finish as the black shadow drags him away , I run as fast as I can and try to help Mrs.Potter escape the shadow only to be hit by the shadow , I scream in pain as I fly all the way to the wall that's near Mr.Potter's and Mrs.Potter's room . That's strange , How can a shadow hit me? I try to get up only to feel my head trickling some liquid , No it can't be blood, Please don't be blood. I see the red liquid fall on my nose . Soon I feel myself drifting away and see a figure running to me, Then all I see is nothing but darkness.

(Haley's p.o.v) 
I quickly got out of my bed and start running outside as I hear screams outside of Liam and I's room . I see Jess flying to the wall , I froze in my spot as I see blood on her head, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?! I quickly run to an 
unconscious Jess . " HELP ! PLEASE ! SOMEONE ! HELP! " I scream while sobbing. I swear , Whoever did this , I will hurt them for what they've done to her. I will .
Ooooo , So how'd ya guys like it? Was it okay? Wow . What's gonna happen? Will Haley find out that her mother has been kidnapped ? What will they do to find her? I don;t know , Wait for the next chapter to be uploaded , I will see you and your beautiful faces , Next time when I update :) , Love you guys :* ~Jessica


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