Safe With Me

Cassie. 19 year old girl. Parents were crazed and abusive people and she was bullied in school. Finally the cops took her away from her violent parents and terrible neighborhood. In a matter of a week she was in her new foster home. The Horan's. But will her crazed parents come back for her and take her back to her dark past or will she stay for the love of her new family?


4. Chapter Three

I pulled away too quickly. I froze in shock and ran away into my room. After seconds of locking the door I heard knocking from the other side. "Cassie. Please open the door. We need to talk."

"I don't want to talk right now."



"Cassie. I need you to open the door. Please. I'm serious. I wont ever leave you."

I didn't reply back. I hid under my covers and stuffed my face in my pillow. I didn't know what to do. All I could do is cry. But that last sentence he said still made me shiver. I've never experienced any of this. No love. No happiness. No right feelings. But that sudden feeling reminded me of my harsh father. It scared me. I never felt Niall leave. He sat by the door and waited for me. I knew I had to talk to him sooner or later. I'm just going to have to get use to all of this. After a while of crying and drawing Niall, I decided it was time to talk.



"I think I want to talk now."

"Okay! Then open the door please?" I slowly opened the door taking deep breaths with each step. I was scared to face him. I just kissed him and now we have to talk about it. When I opened the door completely I just stared up at Niall with glassy eyes. We just sort of.. Stood there. His eyes were the lightest I have ever seen them as. They almost seemed light, grey, white. We stood there. Inches apart. It seemed like hours even though its been minutes. I finally gave up and hugged him. I couldn't take it.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have ran away."

"That's okay," He said rubbing my back. "But what's so wrong?"

"My father use to sexually abuse me. And that reminded me of him," I said hesitantly, choking on my own words.

"It's okay. I wont hurt you," He said hanging on to me, and squeezing me tighter. He held me there for a long time, I cried in his chest. We just met.. but we felt so close. It's just something about him.. And it feels so good to finally have someone that cares and is so gentle touching me. It's nothing compared to my father just throwing me around. Being with Niall felt so good.


It's been about two months living with the Horan's now. Me and Niall got really close and so did me and Daisy. Me and Bri are hanging out all the time. We added someone new to our little group. His name is Harry. He is Nialls best friend, he has been before I even came here. But now he is becoming mine too.

I was walking in the woods. Dead leaves were crunching under my feet as I walked. I looked around at the perfect scenery. It was beautiful. It would be awesome to draw. I found a picnic table and set my small backpack on top of the cold wood. I pulled my drawing pad and colored pencils out of the fuzzy bag and set the supplies on the wooden surface. I began drawing the river that sat between all of the frosted trees. The leaves that were left on the trees were orange and yellow covered in morning due. The mountains that were far behind many trees were shaded in and colored shortly after. Drawing expressed so many things. It helped calm me down and let me actually draw out my imagination. Forty five minutes passed after finishing  up my drawing. I flipped the pad closed and set the pencils back in the cardboard box.


"AUGGGGH!!" I jumped up and sprinted off the bench. I leaned against a tree to catch my breath. "Niall! You scared me! Never do that again!"

"Come on! It was funny! You should have seen your face!"

"Yeah! Haha! Very funny Horan."

"Woah. Don't call me by my last name missy," He said pointing at me.

"Okay, Okay."

"Lets go for a walk."

"Okay," I agreed following him.

"Me and some friends use to swim in that river. Mum would get mad and try to pull us out. She said its too dangerous," he said mimicking his mum. I laughed at his little story and we kept walking. We walked between the trees and made our way to the tall mountains. "Want to climb? I'll help you. I climb almost every time I'm here."

"Okay." I put my foot up on the smallest mountain and hoisted my body up with my foot. Niall waited beside me. "Come on." He stood beside me and we took baby steps together. When we were at least five feet from the ground Niall put his hands above my head and his legs on either side of my feet. He sort of caged me in. Like protecting me from falling. Whenever he took a step then he did. I felt like we almost one person. My foot slipped and I fell but Niall caught my hips.

"I wont let you fall," He whispered, setting me back where I was. Once we reached the top we stood there and admired the beautiful view. It would be so cool to sketch. I had my backpack on the picnic table. So I couldn't draw anything right now. When I mostly need it is when I don't have it. It was only me and Niall here. No one else it was so peaceful. Just us, together. "You can just take a picture instead of drawing you know. When you draw it looks exact."

"I could, but it expresses more when I draw."

"I understand."

We stood in silence until Niall broke it. "Uhmm.. Cassie? I was sort of wondering.. If maybe you wanted to.." He hesitated to finish what he needed to say and it made my heart race faster while I waited for him to finish his sentence. "Would you like to go to the Halloween dace with me? They have it at the school every year. You can go.. I mean if you want to."

"I don't know if I'm going yet.. But if I am, then of course I'll go with you."

"Oh, well.. I thought it would be fun." He paced back and fourth with his feet. I think he was nervous. "Okay.. Well lets get going.."

"Okay," I agreed taking his hand. And we walked home in silence.


"Come on! I think you should go! It would be fun," Brianna begged.

"Well I'm thinking about it." We were walking through the school hallway together. We were on our way to lunch.

"You need to go! Or else it's just going to be Niall, Harry, and I," Brianna said as we walked to our lunch table. We sat at the table and Niall and Harry sat across from us like usual.

"Well.. Like I said two seconds ago.. I'm still thinking!"

"I'm guessing you guys are talking about the Halloween dance? Yeah?" Niall asked budding into our conversation.

"Yeah. She says she is still thinking about it." Brianna pouted.

"Oh stop! I'll go if you guys just stop."

"Okay! We're quiet.. See?" Harry said slamming his hand over his mouth. I nodded and looked over to Brianna. She had googly eyes over Harry. She was tapping her feet and twirling her hair with her fingers. Oh wait. SHE LIKES HIM! I TOTALY SEE IT! They would be perfect together. I pulled her hair away from her ear to whisper.

"Hey Bri? It's obvious you like Harry.. You're kind of drooling," I said tapping her bottom lip.

"I DO NOT!" She exclaimed a little too loud. The boys just chuckled and continued with their conversation. I have her a 'I'm not dumb' look and she gave me the look back. "Okay! I do," She said giggling it off.

This and the next chapter are a bit shorter sense in two chapters ahead it is double the size of chapter two..

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