Safe With Me

Cassie. 19 year old girl. Parents were crazed and abusive people and she was bullied in school. Finally the cops took her away from her violent parents and terrible neighborhood. In a matter of a week she was in her new foster home. The Horan's. But will her crazed parents come back for her and take her back to her dark past or will she stay for the love of her new family?


5. Chapter Four

"How about this one?" Brianna asked holding up a costume.

"Ehh.. I don't know." Niall, Harry, Brianna, and I were at the mall picking out Halloween costumes. "Well, what are you going to wear Bri? You haven't suggested anything for yourself."

"I already have my costume. Harry is going to be a vampire, and I decided to match!"

"Well that's cute," I said rolling my eyes.

"OMG! Cassie! You have to wear this! You would be so hot in it! It would be perfect!" She was holding up a white sparkly dress. There was a halo and white wings attached to it. "Try it on," She said smirking. She knew I liked it. She held the dress out for me to grab. I took it from her hands and dragged my feet to the dressing room. I turned so I couldn't see myself in the mirror and got changed. I hung the small wings on my shoulders and arranged the halo on my head. I draped my long brown hair over my shoulders and turned around to face myself in the mirror. I gasped in aw. "Well come out and show!" Brianna yelled over the door.

"Okay." I opened the door and twirled in a circle to make the dress flow at my thighs.

"You're getting that one Cassie! We need to go. Niall and Harry are waiting but I made them stay outside the store because I want your costume to be a surprise." I nodded and changed into regular clothing. We paid for the costume and stepped outside the shop.

"You girls took forever!" Harry whined.

"Yeah. Did you get costumes?" Niall asked.

"Yes." I said holding up the bag.

"Sweet. Lets go." Brianna and Harry left shortly after, leaving just me and Niall. We took a quiet ride home and had a movie night with the family. I sat on the couch, waiting for Niall and Daisy to decide who is sitting next to me. "I was supposed to sit there!" Niall complained. Daisy sat next to me and cuddled close.

"Well I beat you here."

"Well I have the popcorn. Scoot!" Niall pushed Daisy off the couch and quickly sat next to me, giving me a side hug. "Mine," He said resting his forehead on my shoulder. I giggled and patted his head.

"Not quite."

"Well sense you get to sit next to her.. Then I get to sit on her!" Daisy sat in my lap and stuck her tongue out at Niall.

"No fair!"

"I got here first!"

"Yeah. I know." He pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. When the movie ended we headed off to bed. I got a text from Niall right when I lay down.

From Niall: Hi :)

To Niall: Hello! :D

Me and Niall have been texting every night. We stay up until one of us get tired and text. Sometimes he comes in my room to talk and tell stories.

From Niall: Excited for tomorrow?

To Niall: Kind of nervous..

From Niall: It's just a dance. I'm sure you will be fine. Nothing to worry about. We will have fun!

A small knock was placed on the door and the wood slowly opened. "Cassie. I can't sleep. Can I sleep with you?"

"Sure," I sighed. I let Daisy lay underneath the fuzzy covers with me and I tried to be silent so she could sleep. She nuzzled close to me and was singing under her breath. "Come on Daisy. You need to sleep. You have school tomorrow."

"But I cant sleep and I want to stay up with you."


"Pillow fight?"

"No Daisy."

"Why not?"

"Because you need to go to sleep," I said placing her back down on the soft pillow.

"You just said I can stay up!"

"I didn't say how long." The door quietly opened again to reveal Niall.

"What? You're already here? Come on Daisy! Get out!" Niall screamed.

"Nope. Because I beat you here. Again." Niall got furious and looked as if he was going to punch a hole in the wall.

"Now I see why you didn't respond to any of my texts." Niall lunged towards me.

"Sorry Niall. Don't get mad. She is nine."

"Hey! Age is just a number! Don't be thinking you are smarter than me just because you are older!" Daisy corrected me.

"You sound like what Justin Bieber says in fan fictions. Then the girl is nine and is going out with him when he is 19. And it's all okay because it certainly isn't illegal," I laughed.

"That didn't make any sense," Daisy said.

"Good. You shouldn't be reading that stuff anyways. You are way way to young."

"Stop! Now you are being a meanie to me!"

"Okay! Okay! Sorry!" Me and Niall giggled and tucked her into her own bed because she doesn't like being around meanies. "Good night Daisy." I said switching the light off.

"Night poopoo." Well that's a nice name for me.

"Do you think she is really mad?"

"No. She will get over it," Niall answered. We sat down in my room. Niall was sat on the wheely chair and I was laid on the bed. "Hey. Can you draw me?"


"I want you to draw me," Niall repeated.

"Um.. Okay." I got my drawing things out and placed them on my desk. He doesn't know about my drawing of him that I made the first day we met. I flipped to a clean page and told him to pose. He laid on the ground with his knee popped out and his hand on his face.

"I'm a sexy model."

"Right. You do know you have to stay like that for at least thirty minutes.. Right?"

"Yes! Draw me!" He smiled widely at me and stared at me. He kept moving his hands in different positions and it got me a bit mad.

"Niall! I cant draw you if you don't stay still!"

"Sorry!" I slid the pencil across the white paper and drew him perfectly.

"Did you know you have pretty eyes?" I asked him.

"No. But I bet yours are prettier." He smiled wider at me. I shaded in all of his face except for his eyes. The whole page was black and white. Except for the blue that sparkled in his eyes.

"I finished."

"Let me see!" I flipped the notebook around for him to smile at. "Oh my gosh! Can I keep it!?"

"Yeah. I drew it for you. Plus I already have another drawing of you." Oops. I didn't mean to say that. Take it back! Take it back!!!

"Oh. Can I see?" He was smirking at me. I flipped through all the pages until I reached the one I was directing to. I sighed and closed my eyes, waiting for him to comment. "It's beautiful," he said. "That was the first day we met." The page was beautiful. It was filled of the kitchen and me and Niall. It took skill to draw. It's hard drawing me, but I did it. On the page Niall was trying to look down in my eyes while I was too shy to look at him so I stared at the cold tile ground. Only me and Niall were black and white, but the rest of the page was filled with the colorful kitchen. "I can't believe you drew that. It's awesome."

"Thank you. I drew it because I thought that moment had a lot of meaning to it." I smiled up at him as he did the same.

"Well I'm going to sleep. Be ready for tomorrow,."

"Good night. And I'm looking forward to it." He left the room and it left me thinking about the perfect day ahead of me.

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