Safe With Me

Cassie. 19 year old girl. Parents were crazed and abusive people and she was bullied in school. Finally the cops took her away from her violent parents and terrible neighborhood. In a matter of a week she was in her new foster home. The Horan's. But will her crazed parents come back for her and take her back to her dark past or will she stay for the love of her new family?


12. Chapter Eleven

We laid there for a little while. My head in the crook of his neck and his arms protectively wrapped around me. The TV still on and the only source of light.

"Cassie?" I heard Niall speak. 

I got my head out of his neck and looked at him. Even in the little light I could see his sparkling blue-green eyes. "Mm?"

"Are you.. Well were you a-"

"A virgin?" I cut him off. He nodded. "No, I wasn't a virgin before this." I admitted. My dad's friends used me for sex. Sickening to think about it. I hate thinking and even talking about it, it gave me such an edge. I saw Niall and nodded slowly.

"Were you?" I finally asked. He shook his head. I didn't care. As long as he was mine now. I got back in his arms. He pulled the duvet around us and kissed my forehead.

"You don't need to worry. Okay?" He said.

"I know, I'm not mad or anything.. In the mean time I don't even know why I asked that.. Why did I ask that?" I asked myself. A throaty laugh escaped Niall's mouth.

"You're absolutely nuts." He said chuckling. I blushed and buried my head in his chest. He smiled and laid on his back and I laid my arms around his thin waist. I loosened one of my arms from his waist and put it up to his bicep.

"Have you ever thought of getting tattoos?" I asked. He shook his head. "Everyone seems to have some. Like Harry has a lot."

"Let's not talk about him. And actually I did think about getting some once.. I wanted to get a moose on my ass." He said chuckling, flipping me on my back getting on top of me. He kissed my stomach tracing the rough scars on my hips. "I like how you're not that self-conscious around me. Makes me feel like you're finally mine." He said continuing to kiss my stomach. I wasn't that bad around him anymore. I remember the first day I met him I didn't want him to see me in shorts. His hand came up and touched the small necklace around my neck. The only thing I had on. He kissed the 'N' on it and laid on my stomach.

"Goodnight Niall." I said quietly.

"Goodnight baby." He replied. And with that I shut my eyes and immediately fell into a deep sleep feeling content.


Booms of thunder rattled my ear drums. My screams filled the room. I shot up out of bed panting and sweating. I looked out the window, must have been a nightmare. Niall shot up out of bed and cradled my face in his hands.

"It's just a dream." He said. I continued to pant and sweat. I was scared. I dreamed about what happened when I was younger with my dad and his friends. Tears filled my eyes. "Hey, hey, hey shh.." Niall said and wiped my tears off my cheeks.

"N-Niall." I said sniffling.

"Shh.. Nothings gonna happen. It's just me and you okay, I'll protect you." He said. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he laid down with me in his arms. It has been three days since the 'special' night I had with Niall. Nobody heard anything. Thank God. But ever since that he sleeps in my room every night. But ever since that night I have been having that same dream. I told Niall and Shelly. They help me but it just doesn't work. I look at the clock. 6:30 AM. I lay on my back and another boom of thunder is heard followed by a huge bolt of lightning. Niall held me close and rubbed my hips with the pads of his thumbs. Soon, after about three minutes I could hear his soft snoring. I got out of his arms slowly trying not to wake him. When I got off of him I could see his arms touching the bed looking for me. I put a pillow in the spot where I was. He embraced the pillow like it was me, holding it close to his chest. I giggled at the sight. Another boom was heard through the room. I knew I had to draw Niall cuddled with the pillow. I walked slowly to the small drawer and got out my pad. I drew my pictures instead of taking them. But everyone said it looked like a real taken picture. I was proud of skill. That's probably the only skill I enjoyed about myself.

I sharpened my pencil and started drawing the outline of his body and the pillow. I loved drawing Niall. He was a challenge. His features are so dominant that it's hard to draw but my drawings of him come out perfect. It was a challenge every time I drew him and I loved a challenge. His nose wriggled while I started the features of his face.

"Stop moving." I mumbled.

His hand came to his face and stayed there covering it.

"Really?" I whispered. I walked over slowly and put his hand gently back around the pillow. But he put his hand back on his face. I was almost finished with the drawing and he had to go cover his face. I sighed quietly. "You're even stubborn in your sleep." I mumbled. I got back to drawing and thankfully his hand moved. Right when I finished he started to roll onto the pillow and soon enough onto the floor. He hit the floor just in perfect sync with the thunder outside.

"HUH?" He sprang up.

I tried to hold in my laughter but failed.

"What happened?" He asked.

"You fell out of bed." I said giggling. He blushed and sat on the bed.

"What time is it?" It took me at least an hour to draw him.

"7:30 AM." I said. I heard a jumble of noise coming from my door. I walked to it slowly and gripped the handle. I opened it to see Daisy leaning against the doorway falling into my room.

"Well, well, well." Niall said with a smirk. Daisy stood up and stuck her tongue out at Niall.

"What are you doing here?" I solicited.

"I heard you guys talking. Well I was already awake b'cause of the thunder." Right when she mentioned thunder a loud roar was heard from outside. Rain splatted on the window.

"You can come with us." I said. Her face lit up. But Niall's turned into a frown.

"NO!" He screamed. We looked at him surprised.

"Niall, stop." I mouthed to him. He shook his head.

"This is you and me time." He whined like a child.

"Niall. I have been spending time with you for three days. Can't someone else spend time.. But with us?" I questioned. He sighed and fell on his back on the bed.

"FINE!" He groaned. She jumped on the bed, her bottom hit his stomach. A painful moan filled the room. He clenched his stomach.

"OW!" He exclaimed. She smiled and got off.

"Sor-ry." She said in attitude.

I sat with him.

"You both sleep together?" She asked. We both looked at each other. I could feel my cheeks tingle up with heat.

"Um.. No, no, no!" He lied. "She um.."

"Niall was sleep walking and um.. He got to my room?" I asked questioning my answer.

"Oh." She said smiling. "Sleep walking." She said making quotation marks with her fingers. I buried my head in the pillows covering my head with the blankets. Niall came behind me and whispered in my ear.

"Sleep walking huh?" He asked.

"SHUT UP!" I yelled.


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