We Are More

Early October 1966
My name is Sydney Cade, I'm fourteen, and I'm a Greaser. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the east side of town with my two older sisters'. Jamie the oldest, and she's twenty. She's the provider of the family, she graduated early and went to college for three years, but she had to come back to take care of me and Cara. She might be going back next semester, I aint quite sure because she don't tell me nothing. Then there's Cara, & she's 17. Then theres me, the youngest, Im in tenth grade. I skipped a few grades. I go to school with PonyBoy Curtis.And I had heard of his friends. I never thought I would actually talk, let alone become friends with him. . .


8. Sydney's POV

Hey guys! Im so sorry about the problems with trying to read my movella!:'( Idk wht was going on so its just going to have to be here. Hopefully.



Chapter 8.(7) Sydney's POV




Me and PonyBoy walked out to the courtyard. Thats where the Greasers usually have to eat, besides it gets you out of Hell for a while so ya. We walked over and sat down next to the big oak tree. Our backs leaning on the bark of the tree. It looked so beautiful, All the colors of Fall, the crisp, cool air. It just felt like, when my parents where here. I still can't believe its been two years since they-"So what do you want to do?" I snapped back into reality. I then remembered a question I've been meaning to ask him."Um Pony, I need to ask you this it's really important. I know that Johnny was in the hospital, but did he make it? No one would tell me anything." Pony looked down at the grass. "Uh-Well Syd I don't know why no one told you but- Johnny died in the hospital. He didn't make it." 

    My heart stopped. I knew that Johnny had been in the hospital, but I never knew that he died. Is that why Jamie and Cara gave me extra care? 

 (I know thats really weird that she didn't know but no one told her.) 

    Ever since mom and dad died and after we moved to Tulsa, we haven't had much connection besides letters and calling the house. Why didn't anyone call to tell me! Johnny was my best friend and no one had the heart to tell me he died! And the fact we were fricken COUSINS! Why? Why didnt anyone tell me. I felt my face turn from a light peach color to paper pale. My breathing slowed to almost a complete stop. I began to have a cold sweat forming in my palms. "He's. Dead? N-no one told me." My voice cracked. "No no this can't be happening, this couldn't have happened! He was my best friend. How could this happen?!" I put my face in my hands and began to sob uncontrollably. I don't understand. He can't just be gone, can he? Why, why him? He didn't deserve to die."Pony. Tell me everything that lead up to how and why he died." Pony looked down at the grass and sighed and said he would.

(I'm sorry if this next part is a bit pointless if you've already read The Outsiders but its for the people who haven't.) 

    He told me about how he met Cherry Valance at the drive in. And how him and Johnny got  into a fight with Bob Sheldon, and how Johnny killed him because him and the other soc'es were trying to drown Ponyboy. Then how Dally gave them a gun and sent them to the Church a couple miles down and to sneak on a train to get there. And about the church fire and when Johnny went in to save a kid but the roof collapsed onto him. And everything after that I knew about, how they fought in the rumble and won. But then he told me how he and Dally went to the hospital to see Johnny, and how Johnny told him to "Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold"(;) ). The next part made me begin to cry softly, when Johnny died and how Dal went crazy, robbed a convenient store, and he was shot down by the police.

    It felt like five hours before I responded again, but in reality only seven minutes have passed. I took a deep breath and looked at the ground then to Pony. "Thanks for telling me. I'll be right back I have to go to the bathroom." He nodded and I got up and walked back inside towards the bathroom. I was walking in when I felt someone poke me on top of my shoulder. I turned around to see Sherri Valance (Cherry). "Um hi?" I said a bit confused. " Hi. Aren't you the girl who has been hanging out with PonyBoy?" I felt my muscles tense up. " Um y-y-yes." She let out her exhale and smiled. "Oh thank God. I don't know you that well ,but,I can see that if  you hang out with PonyBoy, then your probably a good kid. Just please hear me out. Pony is a good kid, and I don't want to see him get hurt, Okay?" "Don't worry, I would never try to hurt him. I promise." And with that Cherry smiled, hugged me and left. 

    I went to the bathroom and then walked back to the courtyard. Pony was still sitting, leaning back on the tree with his eyes closed. It looked like his was talking to himself. I snuck around the tree and tried to listen to what he was saying. "I can't let anything happen. I can't lose someone close to me again. I can't let them get her." I was so confused. I quickly backed away and then walked back towards him. "I'm back." I said. His eyes shot open and smiled at me. "Cool." He patted the grass next to him and I sat down and put my head on his shoulder and he put his arm along my waist and pulled me close. We didn't speak we just sat there listening to other greasers talk, fight,everything. We sat there until the bell rung for next period.




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