We Are More

Early October 1966
My name is Sydney Cade, I'm fourteen, and I'm a Greaser. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the east side of town with my two older sisters'. Jamie the oldest, and she's twenty. She's the provider of the family, she graduated early and went to college for three years, but she had to come back to take care of me and Cara. She might be going back next semester, I aint quite sure because she don't tell me nothing. Then there's Cara, & she's 17. Then theres me, the youngest, Im in tenth grade. I skipped a few grades. I go to school with PonyBoy Curtis.And I had heard of his friends. I never thought I would actually talk, let alone become friends with him. . .


3. Sydney's POV

Sydneys POV


    When I walked inside I sat down on the couch and turned on the T.V. Then I realized after about 15 minutes of Bewitched , my bandaid was peeling off. I decided to just take off now. I slowly peeled off the bandaid and it was coated with blood, both sides of it coated in my dried blood  because it bled through. After that Cara and Jamie walked through the door. " Hey Syd- WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?!" Jamie screamed as she and Cara ran towards me. Jamie tried grabbing my head to examine my wound but I immediately jumped and backed away from them. " I'm OKAY! Really I just ran into Jimmy and his gang thats all." I said trying not to make a big deal but my statement made the situation worse. Before Jamie and Cara could start freaking out I told them what happened. And I mean EVERYTHING. They kept asking "What happened after that?" or " That Pony kid didn't give any trouble did he?". And after that last comment is where I had to explain my walk home with PonyBoy. Jamies eyes bugged out as if I had squeezed her out like a tube of toothpaste. Cara on the other hand was just trying to keep her laughter from meeting the outside air. "Well, it seems you've had an interesting day." Jamie said with an very awkward poker face. I sat there pink, from blushing and from seeing Cara turn purple holding in her air to keep in her laughter. "Alright I'm going to bed. Night!" I said trying to retreat from the awkwardness. Jamie just nodded, and Cara was on the floor laughing like a Hyena. As I walked into my room I realized something, I had left my books at Pony's house. I was so tired I didn't even care anymore, I put my long, blonde hair into two braids, and crawled into bed. Within 5 minutes I was already fast asleep, dreaming about what was going to happen tomorrow. 


    As soon as I woke up I ran down the stairs into the kitchen to check the clock, thank god it was only 7:03. And then I called for Cara and Jamie. No answer, so they were already at work. I drug myself back upstairs and started getting ready. I took my hair out of its braids and shook my head to loosen my hair. I put on my necessities, and then a dark blue somewhat low-rise long-sleeve shirt. It wasn't super low but a hand below my collarbone. I changed into some regular jeans, my converse, and sense it was fall a beanie to cover my head. I was going to wear a jacket but I only have one and Cara took it. Oh well. I walked down stairs and looked at the time, 7:35! I grabbed a banana from the kitchen counter and hurried my way out the door and then started my way to Pony's house.

When I came up at Pony's door step I knocked on the door. There was no answer so I knocked again and said "Hey Pony, it's Syd! I just came by to get my books I left here! And I thought we could walk together." 

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