We Are More

Early October 1966
My name is Sydney Cade, I'm fourteen, and I'm a Greaser. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the east side of town with my two older sisters'. Jamie the oldest, and she's twenty. She's the provider of the family, she graduated early and went to college for three years, but she had to come back to take care of me and Cara. She might be going back next semester, I aint quite sure because she don't tell me nothing. Then there's Cara, & she's 17. Then theres me, the youngest, Im in tenth grade. I skipped a few grades. I go to school with PonyBoy Curtis.And I had heard of his friends. I never thought I would actually talk, let alone become friends with him. . .


6. Pony's POV


PonyBoy's POV

    We walked into the classroom, hand in hand, laughing about the past event that just occurred. We took our sits in the back of the room, except we sit next to each other instead of Syd being 2 seats away. Mr. Syme has always been my favorite teacher. He actually was nice to greasers. He was outside by the teachers lounge so the room was just the students in the room. Syd and I started talking because we were bored. While we were talking Amelia Formont walked past us and put a folded up piece of paper in front of Sydney.Amelia thought she was all that because she was the wealthiest greaser. Yes, it sounds like she's a doc but she's not, her parents aren't wealthy she's just a, well, you know, a slut. Syd looked real confused about so she unfolded it and started to read. Knowing that that note was fromAmelia it probably wasn't a very nice note. After Syd put it down her eyes looked glossy,wet with tears. She realized that I had noticed her eyes and shook away her tears. "I'll be right back. I need to get a tissue." "Okay." As soon as she turned her back I started to read the note.

Your a dirty,stupid-ass, greaser. PonyBoy will never like you. He's just using you. Go to HELL you skank! As I read the note I felt my face getting red with anger. Amelia was starring at me and smirked at me. I only glared with anger. Sydney came back and sat down and joined the glaring. Amelia stopped smiling and turned the other direction and  started talking with her 'friends'. Sydney and I then stopped and I broke the silence. "I read the note", she was about to say it was nothing but I stopped her in her place."Don't tell me it its fine, because its not. You shouldn't let people push you around like that. Especially Amelia.You can do it, you can stand up for yourself."

     Her eyes were still glossy but, no tears. It wasn't until now that I noticed how blue Sydney's eyes were. Bright Blue. Syd nodded in agreement. " I know I shouldn't let her get me down but, its hard. Ever since I moved here she's hated me, and I don't even know why." " I know how hard it is. I was always pushed around. And the worst part was it wasn't a soc, it was Steve, he's always pushed me around because he's older than me. He's Sodas best friend ,but, I still don't give up without at least putting up a fight. What my point is, is that no matter who is pushing you around, don't let them. Stand up for your self." 

    Her eyes then started to light up with confidence. "Your right. I shouldn't let people push me around. No one." Thats when Mr. Syme walked in and said that he had to grade a lot of papers so we just talk and do as we please. Syd and I automatically looked to each other and started talking. It was mostly about our bullying experiences. Amelia walked up to us and started talking. " So I saw you got my note. Now move over, I want to be the first Soc ever to hook-up with a Greaser." She said winking at me. I literally turned green, I wanted to throw up. I could feel it coming up, I ran out of my seat and went to the trash can and threw up. I walked back over to my seat and looked at Syd and she was trying to keep from laughing, she knew that I puked because Amelia just makes me sick. She's pretty and all but nor were as good-looking as Sydney. "Well as you can see Pony would much rather hang out with me. Because well you, the sight of a bitch makes him sick. So b-bye now, b-bye". Amelia was red hot. She tried to say something but couldn't so she spun around with a hair flip and walked away. With both looked at each other and bursted out laughing. After the short laugh attack I scooted closer to her and hugged her. "I told you you could do it". She smiled and said thanks. After we pulled apart the bell rang we headed out to our lockers to go to lunch.




    Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't been able to update I've just been really busy with school and sports so I'm bak for now! I should probably have another chapter up by tomorrow. XD

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