We Are More

Early October 1966
My name is Sydney Cade, I'm fourteen, and I'm a Greaser. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the east side of town with my two older sisters'. Jamie the oldest, and she's twenty. She's the provider of the family, she graduated early and went to college for three years, but she had to come back to take care of me and Cara. She might be going back next semester, I aint quite sure because she don't tell me nothing. Then there's Cara, & she's 17. Then theres me, the youngest, Im in tenth grade. I skipped a few grades. I go to school with PonyBoy Curtis.And I had heard of his friends. I never thought I would actually talk, let alone become friends with him. . .


2. Pony's POV


    Chapter 2. PonyBoy's POV

That. That was just. Wow. I had never kissed a girl like that. I've had my first kiss and all but, nothing quite like that. When I left her house and was on the road I looked to see if she was still outside. Sure enough she was, just like me, she was standing there looking at me blushing, and starstruck. I kinda chuckled and waved goodbye. She waved back and went inside her house. I continued on to my house. I could still feel the big grin my face. When I walking into the house Darry and Soda were sitting on the couch watching T.V. and I guess my grin gave away what had just happened. " Hey Pony, Did ya kiss her?" Soda asked, in which this got Darrys' attention so he turned down the T.V. "What? What are you talking about? How did you find out?" I snapped back trying to hide my smile but I couldn't stop. " I didn't, you just told me." Soda said with a smirk. Okay. Now I'm embarrassed. "Oh well aren't you a genius" I said. "Real smooth Pony. Kiss a girl on the first date." Darry said laughing at me. " Oh grow up! I'm going to bed!" I screamed trying to walk to me and Sodas room but Darry stopped me. " Alright, alright relax Pony we were just having some fun. Did she get home alright?" I nodded. "Oh and she left her books here make sure you give it back to her tomorrow." Darry continued. I nodded and I headed back to my room and Soda started talking but I kept on walking but listening to his words. " Make sure when you give it back that you don't turn it into a make-out session." Soda said, laughing so hard he almost fell off the couch. So I helped him a little bit by throwing my shoe at his back. "Night!" I screamed laughing at Sodapop. "Night." Both of them said in sync. I could hear Soda complaining because I hit him square in the back. So today was, well, uh-interesting.




Hey Guys! Sorry that that chapter was so short! I'm still working on it so uh ya, thats all I got to say. Stay tuned for the next chapters!XD

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