We Are More

Early October 1966
My name is Sydney Cade, I'm fourteen, and I'm a Greaser. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the east side of town with my two older sisters'. Jamie the oldest, and she's twenty. She's the provider of the family, she graduated early and went to college for three years, but she had to come back to take care of me and Cara. She might be going back next semester, I aint quite sure because she don't tell me nothing. Then there's Cara, & she's 17. Then theres me, the youngest, Im in tenth grade. I skipped a few grades. I go to school with PonyBoy Curtis.And I had heard of his friends. I never thought I would actually talk, let alone become friends with him. . .


4. PonyBoy's POV

PonyBoy's POV

    I woke up at around 7:17. Soda and Darry were already gone and off for work.I changed my clothes and went into the bathroom and combed my hair back with this grease gel thing that Soda uses. Then I snuck some of Darrys cologne from his room, what? How would he find out, and why would he care anyway. By the time I was done it was 7:30 so I walked into the kitchen, grabbed an apple and tried to walk back out of the kitchen by almost tripe over something. After I regained my balance I turned around to see what books I tripped over, Sydneys History books. They must have fallen off the table. I grabbed the books but then I saw a piece of paper fall out of one of them. I set the books on the table and picked up the paper and it was apparently a note, so then I read what it said.

Syd: Hey.

Alexa: Hey. I saw someone staring at you :3.

Syd: Oh Shut up! You know he wasn't he never would pay any attention to me.

Alexa: Oh yes he would. You love Him! And you know it! ;)

Syd: DO NOT! I told you PonyBoy doesn't even know I exist.

My heart stopped. She and whoever her friend was, was talking about me. Why would Syd think I didn't like her, I knew she existed I just never really talked to her. I saw her at football games and stuff but that was only because greasers sit with greasers so we had to sit in the same area. While I was overwhelmed from reading the note someone was knocking on the door but I was zoned out. Then when I came to my senses I heard it. "Hey Pony, it's Syd! I just came by to grab my books that I left here. And I thought we could walk together." Oh shoot, it was Syd! I quickly folded back up the note and put back in her book. "Yeah okay, I'll be out in a minute!" I grabbed her books, my smokes, my jacket, and headed for the door stuffing the Cigarettes in my jacket. "Hey sorry I was doing something." I said in the most convincing voice I had. "Oh thats alright. I was a bit worried when you didn't answer though." Syd said beginning to blush. Man, the people who ever worried about me was Darry, Soda, and Mom and Dad.

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