baby say you'll always keep me

This story is about 5 girls: Germeen, Febronia,Merna, Christeena, and Ereni. Thes girls all love one direction. One day they were all going to see This is us in theaters. When the tickets are all sold out.......... Read to findo out what happens next.......


8. LIMO!!!!

2 minutes later the boys all remove their hands from the girls.


christeena- OMG!

febe- IT'S A LIMO!

merna- Where'd you get this from!?

louis- we got it made yesterday! it is huge!

* we all got into the limo and papparazzi mobbed us*

germeen- why were you guys wearing discuises?

liam- cuz of the crazy pap ( papparazzi)

germeen- oh, i understand

febe-omg! there is a hot tub in here! it is so huge!

merna; eep!

* the limo also had a section for each couple

Germeen sat with Liam. Merna sat with Niall.Christeena sat with Zayn. Febe sat with Harry and Ereni sat with Louis. We were all singing along to the best song ever.


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