baby say you'll always keep me

This story is about 5 girls: Germeen, Febronia,Merna, Christeena, and Ereni. Thes girls all love one direction. One day they were all going to see This is us in theaters. When the tickets are all sold out.......... Read to findo out what happens next.......


4. 5 minutes later


febe-we got caught!

christeena-thanks a lot merna!

merna- i'm sorry

febe+christeena-its fine!

security- go sit by those men over there while i contact your parents.

germeen- those men look kind of familiar but their mustaches look so fake and one of them is eating like crazy.

merna- kind of like niall.

christeena- i wish we got into that movie! i really wanted to see this is us!

all- sigh!

weird man- you girls like one direction?

*said someone in an adorable british accent

christeena- yeah,why?

all weird men- because one direction like you too!

germeen- how would you know that ? (the weird men were removing their hats and mustaches!

germeen's thoughts- i knew they were fake! wait who is that???

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