The Protected Princess

Angela is a princess. Also known as Princess Roźa .She lives on a small island off the coast of Cuba. When she is almost killed she is taken away from her home. When she got to the princess protection angency she choose to stay with Simon Cowell, the man who took her from her home. What happens when she meets One Direction's Liam Payne? Does she find friendship or something more?


1. Taken (Angela)

  "ROŹA!" My mom yelled from her room. I put down my paint brush and ran out of my room. I ran to her room. As I walked into her room I sensed that something was wrong. All of a sudden a knife wizzed pass my head stabbing the wall. Before I could say anything a man ran up and grabbed my arm pulling me out of the room and down the hall.

" Who are you and where are you taking me?" I asked as we ran down the stairs.

" I'm Simon Cowell and I am taking you some where safe." The man replied pulling me towards a helicopter.

     As we climbed into the helicopter a man was shooting at us trying to get us to stop.

~ 1 Hour later~

As we walked into a building a woman took me to a big room in the back of the building. The woman helped me change into a Union Jack t-shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, blue crochet TOMS, and a black leather jacket. She then curled my hair with a wand and put it in a complex up-do. When she finished i thanked her and walked into a big room with tons of computers and tv's. 

" Hello Angela. I am here to choose where you will be going until it is safe for you to go home." A woman said.

" Can I stay with Simon?" I asked.

" Why?" She asked me.

" Because I trust him." I replied.

" Okay." She sighed.

" Angela? Are you ready to leave?" Simon asked.

" Yeah  " i said before following him to a black range rover. 

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