The Protected Princess

Angela is a princess. Also known as Princess Roźa .She lives on a small island off the coast of Cuba. When she is almost killed she is taken away from her home. When she got to the princess protection angency she choose to stay with Simon Cowell, the man who took her from her home. What happens when she meets One Direction's Liam Payne? Does she find friendship or something more?


3. Movies( Ariel)

 To: Princess Ariel

From: Leeroy

Message: Hey Ariel. Do you want to come over and hang out with me and the boys?

To: Leeroy

From: Princess Ariel

Message: Hey Liam. I would love to. Can you pick me up tho?

To: Princess Ariel

From: Leeroy

Message: Yay and of course. I'll be over in a few.

   I tossed my phone on my bed and walked over to my closet. I pulled out a baggy Batman t -shirt, sweats, boots, and a comfy purple sweater.I picked up my phone and went downstairs.

" I'm going to hang out with Liam and maybe spend the night." I said before walking out the door and to Liam's car. 

" I like your shirt." Liam said.

" Thank you." I blushed.

 When we got to his flat we were surrounded by fans and paps. Liam walked to my side and wrapped an arm around my waist leading me to the door. When we walked inside we were greeted by Niall running after Zayn complaining about him eating his last peice of chicken. Liam and I laughed before walking into the living room. He woke up Harry and Louis who were asleep on the couch while i went to the kitchen. as Zayn ran towards me i grabbed it and twisted it causing him to stop running. Once I released his arm Niall crashed into him causing them to topple to the floor. I laughed to myself as they started making out on the floor. I went back into the living room just as Harry and Louis woke up. I went and sat down in the recliner as a movie started.

~ 2 Hours Later ~

 As the movie ended my phone started ringing. When I answered Simon told me that they found my daughter and that she was injured during the escape ,but she is perfectly fine and in the hospital. Once I hung up i asked Liam if he could take me to the hospital. He agreed. On the way there I explained why we were going to the hospital. When we got there I went into my daughters room as Simon left.

" Minnie." I said. She looked up and smilled.

" Mommy!" She exclaimed. I smiled and picked her up hugging her tight.

" Minnie this is Liam. Liam this is my daughter Minnie." I introduced.

" Hi Minnie." Liam said sweetly. I handed Minnie to him so i could talk to the nurse about getting a carseat for Minnie and signing her out. After getting the carseat and signing her out i walked back to the room. When I walked in Minnie was asleep on Liam's shoulder and he was humming to her. I smiled and tapped Liam's unoccupied shoulder. I signaled that we could leave and he nodded. I took off my purple sweater and put it on Minnie and we walked out the door. I set up the carseat and Liam put her in. He buckled her up before climbing into the car and driving back to his flat. 

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