The Protected Princess

Angela is a princess. Also known as Princess Roźa .She lives on a small island off the coast of Cuba. When she is almost killed she is taken away from her home. When she got to the princess protection angency she choose to stay with Simon Cowell, the man who took her from her home. What happens when she meets One Direction's Liam Payne? Does she find friendship or something more?


2. Meeting Liam (Angela/ Ariel)

  We arrived at a tall glass building. As we walked inside Simon told me that my name was now Ariel and that he adopted me from Cuba. We walked into an elevator and went up to the top floor.

" I have a meeting with a boyband that i mange. I want you to go into my office and meet them while i talk to my recpitionst. My office is down the hall, to your left, the first door on your right." Simon said before going and talking to the respitionist.

  I followed his instructions and walked in to his office. There i saw five boys. Four of them were sitting on a couch that was one the left side of the room and the fifth one as sitting alone on the couch ,that was on the right side, playing on his phone. I walked over to the lone boy.

" Can I sit here?" I asked shyly. The boy looked up from his phone and smiled nodding.

" Whats your name?" he asked.

" Ariel." I answered.

" Well Ariel, I'm Liam. That's Harry..." He said pointing to a boy with curly hair." That's Louis..." He said pointing to the boy sitting in Harry's lap." That's Zayn..." He said pointing to a boy with messy dark brown hair." And that's Niall." He finished pointing to the blonde boy sitting in Zayn's lap.

" Ahh... let me guess Harry and Louis are in a relationship, same with Zayn and Niall.?" I questioned.

" Yeah.. We call them Larry and Ziall... How did you know they were in a relationship?" He asked confused.

" The way they are sitting and the look in their eyes tell me." I replied like it was nothing. I leaned back pulling out my phone and scrolling through my photos of me and my friends. I stopped at one picture. It was a picture of me adopting a little girl whose mother just died. I still remember when I found her.


I was walking through the streets giving some of the towns people money and food when i came across a beat down hut. I started towards it when I heard crying come from inside. I ran to the door and opened it. I looked inside and saw a little girl not even 2 sitting alone in a corner. I crouched down and sat on my knees.

"Hey sweet heart? Are you okay?" I asked.The girl shook her head.

" Do you need a hug?" I asked. She nodded then got up and ran to me wrapping her arms around my neck. 

" Where's your momma and pawpaw?" 

" Dead." she whispered through her tears.

" Do you want to live with me?" I asked standing up while holding her.I felt her nod.

" Okay, and if you want i can be your momma." I said walking out the door. She nodded again. A gaurd came up to me about to take her away.

" No." I said." Her momma and papaw are dead so i am adopting her." I told them before i walked back to the palace. When i got her inside i washed her, changed her and fed her before putting her to bed.

Flashback Over


" Ariel... Ariel are you okay?" Liam asked wiping my cheeks.

" Yeah, I'm fine." I said before Simon walked in. He started talking about a tour, then he dismissed them. Liam put his  number in my phone and kissed my cheek before leaving.

" Ariel.. why were you crying when i walked in?" He asked.

" Because back home I have a daughter. She isn't blood realeted to me. I adopted her 3 months ago. Since I'm gone she is now the heir to the throne. Which means she will die if you don't bring her here." I said.

" Okay. Well i will have my friend go and get her." he said.

" Thank you daddy." I said without thinking and hugged him.

" Your welcome. Now come on lets go home." he said. I nodded and we walked out to the car.

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